By: Ben Emata

The Armed Forces of the Philippines should finish off the terrorists group when ending the battle in Marawi City. The last man should be in jail or six feet under the ground to restore peace in the city. If the battle is left unfinished with terrorists still around, chances are this group would create trouble in the place and would even extend its fury into the cities of Iligan and Cagayan de Oro. We should be reminded that the occupation of the terrorists is to terrorize people and until they are disbanded in it entirety or killed in battle, they will always create trouble. There can never be peace with these people. As a matter of fact, terrorism is exactly the opposite of peace.

As long as the tough-talking young leader Kim Jong Un of north Korea is around with its big nuclear weapons under his control, world peace will always be at stake. What I don’t like with this guy is he keeps on threatening its neighbor south Korea and the United States of attack with nuclear missiles. And he does not show he was joking thus making some world leaders to frown upon him. He is creating fires and tensions perhaps to attract media coverage or whatever. And judging from his behavior, he ordered the killing of his uncle who opposed his plan of government. Another top Army officer was also murdered for the same reason. I just hope he change his lifestyle and be friendly with people and world leaders. His country should not be isolated because of his attitude of making threats.

The air strike in Marawi has claimed two more soldiers killed when it repeatd the same mistake. Reports disclosed that a fighter jet dropped bombs in the area very close to where the soldiers were located and hit the two victims while it injured eleven others. The same scenario took place two weeks ago wen 13 soldiers got killed for the same reason. I suggest if the fighter jets cannot hit the precise target, they better stop it to save lives of our soldiers. There is no such thing as friendly fire – – it is just a huge blunder.

I am so sad to hear about China pursuing its unlawful adventure in building more structures in the disputed territory that actually belong to us. This is crazy but there is nothing we can do because our country is helpless insofar as our military is concerned. The only thing that can settle this matter is through war which we find it impossible. China’s president once said they are ready to go to war even with the United States behind our country. I find this highly arrogant and extraordinarily foolish. Nevertheless we should go on asserting our right over the territory more especially we have the judgment of the UN Permanent Arbitration saying the area belonged to us. I urge Pres. Duterte to show our muscles too and pretend to be strong and ready to fight if necessary. We should not behave like a dog hiding its tail under its belly as a sign of surrender or manifesting cowardice.

Some Muslims think the Christians are afraid of them. Even some broadcast journalists would say “our brother Muslims” in their reports and they do not say “our brother Ilocanos or our brother Cebuanos. Because of this contention in our thinking, the bad Muslims disturb us for many years. They violated our rights thus war begins. What I mean here is the attitude of the Maute group. Of course, many Muslims, like Christians are good people.

I cannot understand why the Bureau of Prisons reported the return of the drug trade at the New Bilibid penitentiary. What is happening to or jail guards, the people manning the gate leading to the cells of the inmates? I though Pes. Duterte claimed it was through the influence of then Secretary. of Justice Delima that managed all the illegal things in the place. Now that Delima is out of the picture, she being in detention, still the matter persists as if it is beyond anybody’s control. Some of the inmates must really be powerful they can do whatever they like to go on with their drug business. I think it is high time that we put things in order by letting those guards imprisoned.

I am calling Pres. Duterte to make review of his achievements since he took over as president. During the campaign he promised us of peace in the whole country and even joked he will throw to the Manila bay the criminals. Now crimes, it seem, has tripled and he keeps quiet about it. How is this Mr. President? Do we have to go on with life with the criminals? I am only asking just in case you have the answer.

I urge the police in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities to make sure no Maute group members are in the evacuees from Marawi. Reports disclosed that some of the rebels are now mixing themselves with the evacuees and they might be able to pass through checkpoints and into the heart of our city. Once they are with us they might create trouble by bombing our place. Terrorists are very dangerous people and we can not trust them any moment of day. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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