By: Ben Emata

Tensions around the globe, by and among superpowers, are escalating and some of them even throwing insults and provocations against each other perhaps trying to prove who is who in greatness. The international audience that is utterly horrified watch intently as harsh words words fly high and threatening of bigger conflict each day. Some of my friends are asking me what is happening to some people who seemed tired of living in peace and tranquility over the years.

Honestly, I am terrified too and each morning as I wake up, I rush to my laptop and see if misunderstanding and provocations are leading us to nowhere. I said nowhere because some influential and powerful people are losing good judgment that may end up in great trouble particularly military confrontation. Of course, at my age, I fear nothing and am ready to depart from here to the world unknown but I am concerned of the present generation who are young and have the right to enjoy the creation of the Almighty God.

The battle in Marawi City concerns me so much because it has seemingly become a slaughter house for Filipinos. We kill each other and faces of innocent civilians are rattled with horrors, It is just horrible to listen to daily news which said more deaths each day and the displacement of evacuees especially small children who do not know the things around them. School year had just open and the young kids are badly affected as they do not know where to go to pursue their education. Problems on many aspects crop up each day and impossible things are coming too fast.

I am absolutely hurt of our soldiers who are fighting hard against odds and some of them even got killed I symphatize the Maute groups, who even for their lusts and blunders, are still our brothers in the name of humanity. I recognize the sufferings of their families, the tears and blood that flow every moment that speak of truth – – truly it is a heartache for all of us. I think of myself and my family too that connects me emotionally.

Frankly, I have been praying the war in Marawi will end to save lives and public funds for our government as well as the enemy who also spend much money for their misguided ambition to conquer and rule,

I have been retired for sometimes now and I really want extreme peace for me and the world. We do not have to fight much less kill with each other God has provided us with all the things we need to live peacefully and love and understanding with each other.

Of course, I agree that terrorism must be defeated because it is an obstacle to peace and to do this involves a lot of killings. It is really a mess that we cannot avoid. My only consolation is the things in our country are much lighter than those happening in the other side of the globe.

I still hope that things will change and peace in our country will be restored very soon> Rebellion has eaten much of our funds, time and lives. BEN EMATA

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