By: Ben Emata

Russia is sending troops to North Korea to defend the country against the United States. This after the incident in Syria where tomahawks missiles of the United States hit some targets after Pres. Bashar Assad, personal friend of Vlademir Putin, dropped chemical bombs to its own people who are rebels. Russia was utterly irked at America. Independent analyst described the issue as a provocation by Russia to engage the United States into a fight. Whatever language we use, tension between America and Russia is escalating, I hope the two countries remain sober and peace will prevail.

Filipino fishermen in Panatag reported sometime ago that they were driven away by Chinese coastguards who fired water cannons at them. Just this week, a group of top Philippine officials and military officers visited Panatag to see what they can do to convert the area into a tourist spot or attraction. The same thing happened and they were driven off by the Chinese coastguards. To begin with, Panatag is within our territory and has always been part of our historsy. And notwithstanding judgment from the UN permanent arbiters, China displayed its hard head position and even rejected the move.

To my mind, Panatag which is ours should be occupied by our troops. Soldiers should be deployed, put up a tall flag pole wih our flag flying high and maybe we can bring there some homeless people from Metro Mania to live there for good. We should help them develop agriculture and raise domestic animals, go into fishing and everything. For all purposes, we shall have lawfully established possession and certainly ownership beyond any cloud of doubt.

If we notice, there are a lot of young boys and girls in our country who died to drowning in rivers, lakes or anywhere. This should alarm us and introduce in our educational system swimming as one of the subjects. We c an lives of young people. Believe it or not, my grandchildren in Texas who are as old as six or so years old are expert swimmers. The older ones won in many swimming competitions and I don’t think it is impossible to adopt this training to our country.

Bohol province used to be a very peaceful island until the day the bandits known as Abu Sayaff landed in Inabanga town and did their business. Thanks to our police and military some of the invaders were riddled with bullets and landed in funeral parlors. In the second encounter three more Abus bandits were also killed. I wish to warn all the bandits in the country to think about it because our law enforcers are better trained and proven to be fighters with guts. You want to stay six feet below the ground, you may go ahead.

A total of 36 members of the Maute Groups were killed during a 3-day gunfight with the military while only three soldiers were wounded,More than ten thousands civilians in Wao, Lanao del Sur have evacuated to safer grounds as Maute Terrorist groups entered their barangays early while running away yesterday. Some of them have contacted the military for assistance. As of this writing the Maute groups were retreating after the third day of fierce gun battle with the military where the rebels suffered at least 15 members killed.

This one is something for Riply’s Believe It Or Not…. A 42-yeear-old lady police officer was madly in love with a 20-year-old member of the Abu Sayaff Groups. This is definitely bad – – very bad but things happened. And just like any woman in love, she obeys the young man’s desire that included military action. Like any love story, nothing is impossible. This romance irkd natrally the chief of the Army and ordered the imprisonment of both.

Observers cheered for the Duterte administration for his true fight against the terrorists or bandits in the country They said the fight must go on without stopping and amnesty as it happened in previous regimes. They criticized past presidents for playing politics in the midst of battles. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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