By Ben Emata

Four members of the New Peoples Army were killed in a gunfight with the government soldiers in the boundary of Bukidnon and Cotabato today. No fatalities in the side of the government. The army are pursuing the retreating rebels.

The much publicized climate change, now we know, does not make changes only in our planet but actually includes the attitudes and behavior of people. To say the least, it is general change that we must be aware of. The advent of mentally-wrecked people with ideas not to preserve life but destroy its future.

What I am trying to emphasize is the great changes in the way people in the criminal world are handling. They have introduced new ways to fool us and make us victims of their illegal activities. Series of crime lurk behind the scene that attack us in various fronts. And while people sleep, criminals are awake 24 hours a day.

I am not so certain but the fact is the armed bandits, the rebels, the ordinary criminals etc seem to have agreed to strike at the same time to cripple our government and soldiers. What seemed to be a coordinated actuations is giving us headaches and indeed killed some of our men in battle.

Our lsoldiers and police are battling the enemies of the state in many places. they strike in Davao, in Cotabato, in Lanao, Agusan and so many other pkaces that naturally divided the attention of our law enforcers. There is ingenuity in the midst of stupidity.

It is a good thing our armed forces are so strong and determined to annihilate our enemies and the country survive well. This scenario never took pace in the past and I should commend our people for their efforts and cooperation that helped a great deal the authorities.

I suspect some countries, we thought are our friends, are behind the proliferation of drugs and other modern day crimes. The reason is to benefit their lust for money while at the same time weaken our country. Once this happens, the country of interest can make us kneel and beg for mercy.

I wish to reiterate my suggestion to make a tremendous increase in the amount of bailbonds for the temporary liberty of accused in all crimes. Presently, criminals are not afraid to commit crimes because they are aware they get out in a few days and naturally back to their old ways. In many countries more particularly in the USA, criminals just could not afford to pay baibonds because of the large amouts imposed thus deter in some ways the commission of crimes. Another thing is tax declarations of real properties are accepted as bailbonds thus making a mockery of our justice system. I hope the future of our government will not allow animals to be offered as personal bailbonds or we shall call it extremely fooish.

Reducing the incidence of crimes require many things. It needs some groups of wise and knowledgeable people to craft an ideas and not the kind of some senators who are dull headed uneducated. There are many angles to consider and not the idiots in public service.

If Noth Korea is really posing danger to mankind bcaus of its inventions of bombs of mass destrutin, I would say it is time for all people around the globe to stop it before things go wrong. If all kinds of diplomatic maneuvers fails, we must do harsh actions to pulverize the country’s nuclear laboratories and send to their graves the foolish leaders.

I am not in favor of war much less any form of killings but mischievous world leaders must not exist in our midst to kill us. Civilization must live no matter what even it we need to kill the bad elements of society. BEN EMATA

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