A ragtag army

          When we decided to jump the gun and started publishing the Bohol Sunday News, it was like fighting a war by a lone ranger.
          Later, we were able to recruit new members into our ragtag army composed of one squad.
          Although operating as one, we see to it that it moves and maneuvers like scout rangers. No amount of traces of its movements, ninja-type.
          Frankly speaking, what can you expect of the by-product done by a ragtag army? It was basically below par.
          Although we are very much comfortable commanding a ragtag army rather joining a regular armed forces with a mere rank of a captain.
          It is a matter of choice. Be in the regular force as a mere captain or commanding like a general in a ragtag army. We chose the latter.
          Now the ragtag army is able to survive its first year of existence. Break-even is not even part of its dictionary.
          Our mentors told us that the first six months of operation of a new newspaper will be in the red. From seven to twelve months will be break-even.
          Truth to tell, we have not experienced that scenario. The modern day technology has put to rest the experiences of our predecessors.
          The Bohol Sunday News finally reaches its first year anniversary. Don’t look now but we only just began.
          This means that in the next few issues, we will be publishing legal notices and be included in the raffle of orders for publication.
          This will manifest that the Bohol Sunday News has finally arrived, whether you like it or not.
          In the process, the crab mentality of other competing outlets poses a danger to the existence of the Bohol Sunday News. No need to enumerate them point by point.
          In the past, new publications like a newspaper always get a tap in the back by competing media outlets.  We did not receive any.
          But let this be our message to our detractors and critiques, the Bohol Sunday News is here to stay. Take it or leave it.
          As we enter into the next episode of publishing this paper, our motto of being an independent Boholano newspaper will always be our guide.
          Within this ragtag army behind the existence of the Bohol Sunday News is a dictatorship tantamount to the dictatorship of the working class.
There is only one man commanding and dictating the publication of this paper including the materials that it will publish. It is the general of this ragtag army, no fascist tone intended.
So long as it falls into the ethical standards of a balanced and truthful journalism, let this medium be a zone of free enterprise.
* * * * * * *
For comments, suggestions and non-violent reactions, just email to attydandanbantugan@gmail.com

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