Stupidity at its best

          One cannot fathom the rationale behind the filing of an impeachment complaint against Pres. Duterte by Magdalo party list Cong. Gary Alejano.
          Alejano, a disciple of Sen. Antonio Trillanes, widely known as an anti-Duterte critic, signed the impeachment complaint all by his lonesome.
          House Speaker Bebot Alvarez correctly described the move by saying “everybody is entitled to his own stupidity”.
          Truly indeed. But to the Magdalo party, headed by Trillanes, everything has its own price.
          Alejano and his cohorts have to swallow any stupidity in exchange for a huge sum of money.
          That is what we call as stupidity with benefits. Trillanes and his disciples are mutineers during the time of former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. They seized the Oakwood Hotel in Manila to press for Arroyo’s resignation.
          But despite their apparent braveness, Trillanes failed in their armed uprising against the Arroyo administration.
          With just a simple armed hostility, Trillanes, Alejano and their blind followers, immediately surrendered to authorities and were incarcerated thereafter.
          For one, an impeachment complaint has to be sufficient in form and substance.
          Perhaps, with more than 60 consultants, Trillanes must have prepared an impeachment complaint which is sufficient. But as to substance, without batting an eyelash, the impeachment complaint cannot simply take a first base.
          Well, Pre. Duterte and his allies may correctly described the impeachment complaint as stupid.
          But they cannot allay fears that the move is part of the destabilization plan against the present administration.
          The support generated by imprisoned Sen. Laila de Lima, the projected criminal complaint to be filed by Edgar Matobato before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the recent complaint of Vice Pres. Leni Robredo in the International Court of Justice, are all parts of the move to kick out Duterte from office.
          The impeachment complaint, not matter how stupid is may seem, can be used as a justification in order to pursue the complaint against Pres. Duterte in the international level.
          All these things cannot be simply done by the Magdalo led by Trillanes and Alejano. The Liberal Party and their international funders are behind these moves to kick Duterte out of Malacanang.
          The bottom line of our thesis here is that the opposition will refuse to confine themselves in the August Hall of Congress.
          The fight against illegal drugs by Pres. Duterte is an attraction enough to gather these personalities and protect their interests in the illegal drug trade. They maybe protectors, coddlers and even drug suppliers who lost a lot of money as this administration is hell bent to put a stop into this narco-politics in our midst.
          This will lead them to any desperate move against the Duterte administration, not matter how stupid may it seem.
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