It’s all about politics

          We have been in that field for almost ten years of our lives. Its ugly head will definitely soar once given the opportunity to maneuver. It’s all about politics.
          So when we heard that a resolution was foisted in the Hallowed Halls of the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Tagbilaran seeking to declare three committee chairmanships vacant, we know that it’s all about politics.
          City Councilor Adam Relson Jala justified his measure as an offshoot to the bitter debate over the tax programs of the city government but one has to admit that the reorganization brought about a political impact among city officials.
          To the uninitiated, the Liberal Party in Tagbilaran led by City Vice-Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso and City Councilor Dodong Gonzaga together with Greggy Gatal and Jonas Cacho joined forces with City Mayor Baba Yap in the last local elections and his group in National Unification Party (NUP).
          With this informal coalition in the city, Yap’s administration is enjoying a majority in the city council.
          But with Gonzaga, Gatal and Cacho stripped of their committee chairmanships, no one can claim that there is no majority and minority in the city council. It’s all about politics.
          Aggravating the situation is the report that a survey was being conducted at the instance of Cong. Rene L. Relampagos testing the waters for his possible city mayoralty candidacy in 2019.
          In fact, the name of Gonzaga has been floated as a possible running mate of Relampagos who is now on his last and final term as representative of the first district of Bohol.
          Thus, leaving Veloso in the company of Yap in the next local elections. This time, it is no longer about politics. This is a case about family ties.
          Again, to the uninitiated, the family relations between Relampagos and Gonzaga is beyond any question. So are we saying here that blood indeed is thicker than water?
          Well for us, we are from another vantage point as an advocate for federalism.
          We believed that on Oct. 29 we will have a synchronized  barangay election and a plebiscite on the proposed new charter about federalism. Hence, there is no elections in 2019 as the new Philippine constitution will have to be ratified next year.
          This time, it is no longer about politics. It is all about dismantling the political system that we have and change it to federalism, an important feature of the American government which we do not apply here.
          Once we have a federalist government, money politics will be a thing of the past. Political turncoatism  will already be a taboo.
          There will be no ugly head rearing in our midst.
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