By:  Ben Emata
An international human rights group accused the Philippine government of crimes against humanity in the guise of eliminating drug lords. It cited the extra judicial killings that targeted only the defenseless poor. The matter has utterly alarmed foreign countries more particularly the more than 7,000 deaths in so short a time.
Whether we like or not, dictatorship is in place in the country. Pres. Digong is doing anything he wishes from killing addicts/pushers under the guise of drug war, alliance with the communists and supporting stupid police officers. He sometimes think of abolishing congress because it hinders his desire to do things under his command besides that it collides with the  highest court of the land. New things come that truly confused people more particularly  on his fight with the church. I was shocked when he said a bishop has two wives like him. I viewed this as exceedingly a lie and/or a frame up but what can we do? Then thinks of declaring martial law in the country. Is that not dictatorship?
The war against the use of illegal drugs should not be suspended even for a day for any reason until the future of the youth and country are safe and free from this menace. It must go on but please no murders in the homes, in the streets and other places, just arrest drug suspects and let them prove their innocence in the courts. Our goal is preservation of life with peace and abundance and never on anything else that  only produce tears from relatives of the victim. More than 7,000 killed in the drug war in a few months is absolutely excessive and shocking. It is pure and simple tragedy without precedence. No Christians will ever agree in such proposition. It is too much of a dishonor, foolishness and plain stupidity.
The government must overhaul the police organization by throwing to the lakes all scalawags, and criminals in the ranks. They must be prosecuted without mercy because they are far worse than the ordinary criminals. The taxpayers put wholeheartedly their trust on the police who not only abused it but gave unparalleled shames.
I am afraid hostilities between the government and the New Peoples Army are back in the country.  The military has complained of abductions and attacks perpetrated by the NPA in some parts of the country which indicated the rebels had broken its unilateral ceasefire.  This being the case, I warn people to be aware of the possibility of fighting in the hinterlands that had been disturbing the farmers for many years.  I am very much concerned because the big names in the  conflict  who were in prison for years had been released to attend a peace talk in Norway. They must be missing by now and gone back to their hiding places somewhere. The main issue involved is the refusal of the government to release all leftists detained in jails. This development is really unfortunate. It will displace people and drive away foreign investors who planned to put up giant manufacturing firms in the country.
Latest report revealed that China tested a long range missiles with ten warheads recently. This is certainly dangerous in the region specially that the communists have the bad habit of expanding its territory that included those within the sovereignty of its neighbors. For a fact tension has been existing between the United States and China for sometimes now.
The capital punishment used to cover only rape murder, kidnapping, etc. If the matter is going to be restored soon, I wish multi-million corruption be included to stop once and for all the biggest problem in our system.  We must be stricter  in our laws if we must change the image of our country. And the government should improve  also our judiciary by creating more courts and judges to hasten the speedy trial of criminal cases. Many cases are unnecessarily delayed that sometimes resulted in the death of litigants. It certainly amounts to denial of justice.
The military and police had raided a boarding house at the Mindanao State University in Marawi City on suspicion of some Maute rebel groups hiding there.  I urge the government to finish off the activities of the rebels to restore peace and order in the area. Marawi City was one of my coverages when I was a salesman of a manufacturing firm in Pasig City. It used to be a very peaceful place that overlooks the great Lake Lanao. The temperature is low and it is not so far from Iligan City. I had some friends there – – one of them a professor of the university who took her doctoral degree in a university in Malaysia.
I wish Pres. Digong succeeds in his endeavor of improving the lifestyle of the country and people. I hope th communist rebels in the county think twice before returning to their  past fight  with the government. The had been disturbing  the system for almost half a century, to be exact a total of 47 years  and they never gained and inch of victory.  Let us be united under one flag.  BEN EMATA  Bennex News Service

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