Remembering Mia

          If you think lawyers are brave, think again.
          After the brutal slaying of Atty. Mia Manuelita Mascarińas-Green last Wednesday afternoon, we observed the conduct of local lawyers at the Hall of Justice the following day. They were restless but silent. No one was talking about Mia’s brutal slaying.
          We even spent a sleepless night after Mia’s ambush, we just kept our emotions deep inside us. We cannot think of Mia ending her life in such a violent and dastardly done killing.
          Being a senior in college, we were already lording it over as a student leader at the then Divine Word College of Tagbilaran (DWCT). We became Speaker of the student government’s constitutional convention and associate editor in the student publication.
Along the way, we spotted Mia while she was a second year accounting student. When we formed a core group in the Student Affairs Office (SAO), we recruited her to be the chairperson knowing that she has leadership skills and a highly organized student leader.
Mia is mild-mannered and a simple woman. In her senior years, we heard Mia organized a student movement advocating for active non-violence (ANC) and late founded the DIBDIB Student Party.
We were positioned in the opposite side and help establish the so-called Coalition for Patnubay and Pagmata for Nationalism, Patriotism and Advancement (CPP-NPA). Later, this student movement was transformed into the Partido ng Kilusang Mag-aaral (KMP), a leftist student political party.
After being suspended in school due to our student activism, we parted ways with Mia. We knew later on that she passed the CPA board exam in flying colors and proceeded to the College of Law.
Mia passed the bar slightly ahead of us as we were engulfed in our early married life. Later, Mia joined the Environmental Legal Assistance Center (ELAC) and married a British marine biologist, Stuart Green, who is also an ELAC volunteer.
In the legal world, we observed Mia as a passionate lawyer and a devoted defender. She defends her clients using her heart. We were not surprised as we knew her since college to be highly organized and very circumspect.
Local judges highly respected her as a staunch legal practitioner but a very respectful person. We observed how Mia devoured the opposite counsels in her cases in court displaying her intelligence and legal know-how.
But when we were the opposing counsels in a case, Mia was very respectful and always giving her regards to our wife, who is very close with her family. We were aware how she crossed paths with other lawyers here. She is very respectful on one hand but very brave in the other side especially in defense of her clients.
We were aware that she has some death threats but she immediately dismisses these. Being a smart woman, we thought that she already adopted some security measures along the way.
After her brutal slaying last Wednesday, we realized that she did have any security measures as she did not have any bodyguard, was unarmed and passing by her usual daily routes and even tagging along her children along the way.
Her death left a void in the legal practice as her fellow lawyers are left in utter disarray trying to meditate on the profession as even a woman is not spared from the hatred of legal enemies.
The following day after her death, we even had an appointment in a criminal case involving millions of pesos as our clients are willing to enter into a compromise in the civil aspect. But Mia was already gone.
Goodbye Mia. You left in haste leaving your colleagues in the legal circle highly confused and in utter disarray meditating about their legal profession.
* * * * * *
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