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The next election in 2019 is more than two (2) years away but some people can’t just wait for the right time to discuss about it. In fact some institutions including the media are itching to start the partisan political activity and for what purpose we can’t surmise yet at this time.  But start it did.


Last week Radio Station DYRD based in Tagbilaran City made a survey among its radio listeners on who they will choose between current Congressmen Aris Aumentado of the 2nd District and Arthur Yap of the 3rd District as Governor of Bohol if elections were held at that time.


While politics and politicians are the favorite topics to talk about anytime especially among peers while drinking, it is too early even to suggest that people make their decisions now on who to choose.  It is too early to divide the people at this time when our focus should be on development and on what will bring good life to the people.  The congressmen, too, will be distracted from their legislative work.  What we need at this time is a unified effort and approaches to what will bring real progress and development to the people.


It is alright to provide a venue for people’s sentiments since that is one of the functions of the media but to actually trigger it may only fan and foment an undesirable situation that is not contributory to a peaceful political order that we need at this time.  Once ignited a spark can become an uncontrollable conflagration the damage of which we may not be ready to be responsible for.  The result of the survey made a good headline though.


I believe the survey was triggered by the exchange of statements between Cong. Aumentado and Cong. Yap as regards the funding of not only big ticket projects but mega ticket projects of Cong. Aumentado in the 2nd Congressional District of Bohol.  Cong. Yap included these mega projects like the Northeast Multi-Purpose Dam and the Bohol-Cebu Friendship Bridge among those to be funded by government.  He said he did it because he is also the chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs of the House of Representatives.  That was good.  The only problem is that according to Cong. Aumenado, Yap did not coordinate with him.  Coordination is a basic thing to do which was lacking in Yap’s actions and which Aumentado called his attention on since the projects are indeed within the area of responsibility (AOR) of Cong. Aumentado and which he has been working to be realized since these were started yet by his father, then Governor and Congressman Erico B. Aumentado.  One does not enter another person’s premises without informing or asking permission from the owner first.


That was it.  The “rift” was not that serious as to ask people who they would choose as Governor in the 2019 election.  It was not enough to start a “war” that will end in 2019.  For all we know the reference to Yap’s action as “pang Governor” was made by Aumentado as a joke considering that they are colleagues in the House of Representatives and have never been known to have clashed against each other in past partisan political activity.


Besides while both are qualified to run for governor in 2019, none of them has expressed any interest to the position.  To pit them now will only set the political machines grinding to the detriment of their service and their constituents as their energies will now be misdirected.


Both may eventually run for Governor as there is no legal hindrance for them but for now they cannot be distracted nor the people be distracted from their pursuit of real and meaningful development.


Our politicians and people cannot be distracted by partisan political activities or even thoughts when the time for these is more than two (2) years away.


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