De Lima, one up and counting

          At the outset, we learned several quotations in the life of Sen. Leila de Lima in her career as chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, as secretary of the Department of Justice and as Senator of the Republic.
          In between these episodes of her life, she has been a staunch critic of Rodrigo R. Duterte and a loyalist of the yellow party led by former Pres. Noynoy Aquino and his cohorts.
          For one, what de Lima did to former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon Revilla Jr. and Jinggoy Estrada in having them incarcerated, also happened to her.
          The golden rule that do not do unto others what you do not want done unto you holds true to de Lima at this moment when she sought the sanctuary of the Senate overnight before surrendering to the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).
          She castigated the Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Muntinlupa for issuing an arrest warrant against her. She must recall how she also sought for a warrant of arrest against Arroyo and have her stopped from leaving the country.
          The criminal raps filed against her in relation to the illegal drugs trade is the first salvo in silencing her tirades against the President.
          In her last press conference, it seemed that there is no stopping her in her attacks against the President. If you saw that press con, it was as if she was thinking that it was still the time of the former administration with the yellow party painting the town red.
          Calling the President a psychopath and a killer is nothing but a brutal arrogance as if this is still her time.
          Of course, we do not know if these instances were just manifestations on how blurred is the mind of de Lima as the issues regarding her being an alleged sex maniac by engaging in relations with her body guards and the sonnamagun she did while she is still in power.
          She calls for some respect while she was about to be arrested. She seemed to forget how Enrile was arrested inside the Senate as de Lima pressed for charges of plunder against him.
          She tried to get public sympathy and the church together with the priests and nuns sided with her in her call against extra-judicial killings and human rights. The people seemed to forget that her maneuver in the government outweighs what she was trying to advocate.
          Well, this is just a rehearsal on what de Lim will get. Her being excluded in the Senate through the electoral protest of Francis Tolentino and her disbarment case for immoral acts by publicly admitting her relationship with her driver-lover, Ronnie Dayan due to the “frailties of a woman”.
          This and others are coming up and counting. The sonnamagun of de Lima is lining up against her and it is still counting.
          De Lima must have known that the cases against her are coming but she did not mind, thinking that the yellow party will back her up all the way to the end.
Somebody must have told her that in politics, the world will smile at you while you are still in power but no one comforts you when you are already down.
          Now that her first case has come, she will probably meditate before opening her mouth once again inside her prison cell. IN the first place, no one will be there to listen to her.
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