By:  Ben Emata
There is only one report from the media in Cagayan de Oro for the last three days and it is about the flood, the continuous rains, the dead, the alleged floating coffins at Bolonsiri cemetery, traffic problems, people walking along waist-deep streets. Filipinos more particularly Kagay-anons in America are quiet about it while watching TV newscasts but defimitely they are hurt and so worried.  They lost no time in contacting their relatives and friends for updates and names of victims. That is precisely what I did besides gathering information too.  I stayed awake for more than 24 hours just to be sure the city I love so much is not floating on unparalleled disaster.
For myself I wanted to cry because I and my family were long time residents of the city and there never was a flood ever no matter how heavy the rains that hit  the place. Three of my children were born there. They studied at the city central school then at the Cathedral High School and Xavier University and they all enjoyed the place that is known as the city of golden friendship.
Cagayan de Oro had always been my city after I left our town of Balingasag. I earned thousands of friends while I worked with the local media. I knew majority of the people specially city and provincial employees as well as in the private sectors.. You can see how much love has developed in my heart for the city, that to me has no equal. I lived five years in Cebu City, seven years in Manila, two years in Butuan and two years in Malaybalay – – 28 years in the United States but Cagayan de Oro remains the place I miss so much.
I am so glad a lot of city residents in Cagayan de Oro as well as businessmen went out amid downpour to distribute relief goods, donated foods, helped victims of the floods. So nice the pains in the heart of the victims are treated  well and tears that were falling dried up. The people, like the city have hearts made of gold.
I wish to reiterate my previous prediction that the Spratly island is going to be the venue of a big military conflict that would involve the United States, China and most probably their allies. I guess everybody knows my point specially those who have the habit of reading media news reports. It is going to be deadly but there is nothing we can do but be part of the fracas.  Certainly, I blame China for its attitude of expansionism on territories not within its domain. The site for probable conflict is within our territory. And the only participation of the United Stats is to make it sure the freedom of navigation of commercial vessels is assured.
One good thing is Japan which lately emerged as a superpower and is having friction with China is an ally of the United Stats and the Philippines.  China has also its friends which I doubt it they will go into battle in the name of friendship or camaraderie.
While we focused our attention so much on heavy rains and floods, let us be aware of possible terrorists attacks that could take place anytime.  I warn the authorities to be constantly watchful of movements of people disguised as typhoon victims but are carrying dynamites or hand grenades. Remember this:  tragedies may come in series.
A south Korean who was arrested for drugs was shot dead while inside the police headquarter. This is just horrible. Well, if the mayor of Albuera, Leyte was killed by police while inside his cell, I don’t think there is problem killing a Korean national. There is no special treatment for anybody once you are near a mentally defective government authority.
North Korea should be watched very closely. This country is busy with making weapons of mass destruction that could give trouble to people around the world. Satellite images reportedly showed activities in and around missile launching pad.  The fat guy, I supposed, thinks nothing but war and death.  BEN EMATA   Bennex News Service

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