By:  Ben Emata
China wrned the United States of America of a nuclear war should the new secretary of state goes on his plan to deny the country of access to the arttificial islands it built in the south China sea. It has been observed that China has installed military  equipment on the island which is also being claimed by the Phiippimes, Vietnam and other countries.
I just cannot understand why some ambulance drivers in the Philippines think they have the right to run full speed and can hit any vehicle or pedestrians while carrying patients to hospital.  I wish to tell them straight to their faces they are not clothed  with extra powers while carrying patients to the hospitals. Many drivers have met accidents because they drive fast and think they have the right to do so. By trying to save lives of patient may result in even more deaths because of accidents that could be avoided.  I, therefore, warn ambulance drivers to behave well and follow traffic rules. Stop at signs and respect signal lights along the way.
There is one ting I despise in our country.  When there is traffic accident, passersby or pedestrians just looked at the scene but hardly extend help to the bloody victims. Some even rob the pockets of casualties who are gasping for breath. This is definitely the behavior of devils which we must stop. I recalled one time while I was walking along a city street and a firetruck was rushing to a fire scene and  hit a motorcycle-driven cab. Because of the impact, the passenger inside was trapped by steel bars and naturally could not get out. Nobody attempted to help until I got near and tried to open the  door but which I could hardly do it  I had to shout to the onlookers for help first before two men came to help me.  It was awkward but that was the truth.
Top education executives should make studies on why, according to statistics, in some foreign cities, only ten per cent of our medical/nursing graduates pass rigid examinations for employment. What happens, therefore, is they settle to lower rank level or positions to be employed. This is an issue that must be met head-on to give our graduates fair competition against other nationalities. The board examiners, perhaps, had to be alerted on the matter. In the past, some board takers pass through by paying some grease money when they flanked.
I wish the government gives free medical/dental services to our  senior citizens specially the indigents.  And medical staff of the government should visit far flung barangays to conduct free medical services to the poor  farmers and their families.  It is awful to see many of our people die without being touched by doctors and nurses while the wealthy ones even go abroad for more help. Another thing that I would like to suggest is for the government to standardize our hospitals. I mean all of these institutions should have the necessary equipment to serve the public. We may be behind in other matters but we should see to it, our health system is advanced and duly financed.
Japan is getting closer to our country. The visit of its president/prime minister only shows such gesture which certainly is welcomed by us. I remember Japan has vowed to help our country in case of military confrontation with other nations. And it has donated many equipment to show their remorse of the devastating effects of World War II. Of course, I prefer partnership with Japan than with China and Russia.
Vice Pres. Leni Robredo is an asset to our government because of her sincerity, capability and honesty to serve. I regret so much, it seems, she is being left behind because she is in the opposition. Government people disclosed Duterte does not want her because she cannot agree on some issues with the president.  Certainly, that is the essence of check and balance in a democratic society.
There is some sort of tensions between the United States of America and China on various issues relative to sovereignty and human rights. These two countries can never agree on many issues because democracy and communism are millions of miles different from each other. They can be friends sometimes but can never be united. China is cascading into its adventure of expansionism while America does not.
Pres. Duterte is pre-empting things along the lines of his imagination. He once said the CIA is out to assassinate him without offering the grounds for such averments. This is reckless, baseless and pure and simple hallucination.  Well, I think everybody now knows how Duterte express his opinions.  It is everybody’s right anyway.  BEN EMATA

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