By: Ben Emata

I made comments about the five police officers in Cagayan de Oro who were thrown to jail for kidnapping, etc. In less than 72 hours, seven police officers in Iligan City were charged with murder. These are on top of the many brutalities committed by government authorities in the Visayas and Luzon. And who is not afraid of these incidents that are taking place, in close frequency, in our country? I wish Pres. Digong focuses his attention to criminality that is lording it out, side be side, with his war on drugs. Many taxpayers are already developing fears when they see police officers around with guns. Of course, I commend police officers who are diligent with their jobs.

See how event are prostituted? Latest news revealed that four nuclear submarines of China were seen patrolling the disputed seas – – the Scarborough which has always been part of our territory ever since. This is one error of Pres. Digong who utterly surrendered the area to China when he asked permission for our fishermen to go fishing there. Despite the decision of the UN international tribunal declaring ownership of the place in our favor, we still vow our head to China.
Now China, for all purposes, think the disputed seas belong to them. And this is precisely the point I want stressed that China could win a battle against us without even firing a single bullet. I just wonder if Pres. Digong is asking for advice from his cabinet secretaries on issue of great significance.

A friend jokingly suggested that the best way to clean the country of shenanigans and all sort of stupidity perpetuated by some politicians is to drop an atomic bomb. I was laughing of his foolish suggestion but I saw his point and felt he loves the country very much by his being concerned. I am sure some of us vary in our intellects on the matter but still we are entitled to our own opinion. Certainly, we have enough good laws to deter all blunders in the country but we lack the desire to implement them. Time will come everything will be straightened and strengthened.

No matter how Pres. Digong insults the United States, in any forum, he will always be in vain. Not only that, he will lose supporters right in his country. If an election is held today, I am sure Digong will swim in a stunning and catastrophic defeat. His killing machine that irked European Unions, until now goes on killing people suspected of illegal drugs will definitely drag him into his knees.

Kerwin Espinosa, an alleged drug lord and son of Albuera mayor who was killed while detained inside jail should be watched closely. I am sure many interested people would want his head cut off to prevent him from testifying on relevant issues. If he is not killed by his enemies, he might end life by committing suicide.

I urge Filipinos living in the United States, Canada and in Europe to be prepared for what seems a much colder winter this year. In California, cold nights are being felt and to think that cold season is still a month away, just mean the effects of change is right in our midst. We must, therefore, be ready with woolen blankets, sweaters, etc. to avoid illnesses generated by cold environment. I suggest department of health in the Philippines where flu shots are not given any significance make emphasis on the matter. Please give warning to the people to be careful to avoid getting ill.

Pres. Digong met Russian president Vladimir Putin in Peru during an international convention. I hope he will not beg for loans to let off with his projects or try to impress Russia about our tiny country. Once again I wish to remind Pres. Digong of his attitude of opening too frequently his mouth, make statements then apologize later. This is bad.

I don’t know how true some big time politicians in the country have been operating laboratories that manufacture shabu. I hope the authorities make a serious investigation on this aspect and make arrest. Do not kill the suspects. Charge them in court and let justice run its normal course. BEN EMATA

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