By: Ben Emata

I cannot see any justification why Mayor Rolando Espinosa of Albuera, Leyte, should die in the hands of government authorities. He was in custody and inside his cell as an inmate after having been charged of illegal possession of high power rifles and suspected of being a drug lord. As an inmate, he was unarmed, helpless and harmless and he cannot resist the police in a any form of fight. What happened could be just part or continuation of the bloody war against drugs implemented by Pres. Digong Duterte. The story built by the authorities is, pure and simple, unbelievable. It has no basis in truth and in fact. In short, what actually happened was murder. This is also true to the death of Raul Yap, another suspect in the crime of illegal drugs. There were two murders that took place early dawn but only Espinosa was given prominence in media report because he was mayor. Both murder cases were masterminded by someone Espinosa implicated in the illegal drugs. If killing of a town executive could be done just as easy as that, I cannot figure out how small town residents can be killed like chickens. I remember Pres. Duterte told his men to kill the criminals and he will be behind them. The problem is who determines the criminals. Who will judge the person to have committed crimes in the absence of trial in court.

There should be a solution to criminality in the country. I urge our people, especially lawyers, retired police officers and soldiers to participate in offering things that could end up all odds in the situation. Pres. Duterte should consult the national bureau of investigation and perhaps foreign consultants from Canadian police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and top police officers in the United States of America. More heads are better than one.

When I was a little boy, policemen were not armed with guns. They carry baton or “batuta”. And with killings perpetrated by police officers, I thought maybe we can disarm them and just let them carry the batons. But then I realized that during those days of batons, there were no huge crimes as drug involvement or armed robber/kidnappers and hired killers. It will jeopardize the police. Again I was thinking we must be stricter in our hiring of officers and everyone must pass through a rigid mental examination by a panel of psychiatrists.

I am glad people now are making sounds against the new administration of Pres. Duterte. Many issued criticisms at the way extrajudicial killings are proceeding until this day. Two concerned citizens asked PNP chief Bato why he had to go to Las Vegas to watch boxing while the country is in deep trouble with crimes. And who paid for his round trip ticket in this occasion. I have been saying for “evils to succeed, let the good people do nothing”. Now good people are emerging to shed the light of truth. I am calling all concerned citizens to come forward and tell the media about incidents that violate the moral of society. We must join hands in this huge endeavor. Some of our police officers have lost their credibility because instead of protecting the citizens, they commit crime.

Did you notice that we now use the word “super” to describe almost anything? For instance, we call a new highway superhighway, a good actor, superstar, a strong typhoon, super typhoon, super flood, super gambling, superman, superwoman, super weapons, super missiles, super bombs, super nuclear submarines super, fighter jets, etc. I expect one of these days to hear super poor, super hungry, super president, and almost anything this adjective can fill in.

Filipinos think of the United States as the ultimate heaven, a place where one can be improved or the beginning of new life. Any of us want to come over to begin the journey to a beautiful future. Those lucky enough were able to come over and see the light of opportunities. Sad to realize, some of them just mind their old ways and never grab the chances at hand. Some were just lazy while others commit crime and deported back to where darkness defeated their future.

In a few hours, the United States of America will elect a new leader. Here we see how clean and honest the electoral process. The campaign is based on respect among candidates, the people and laws of the land. No sign of vote-buying like in our country, no use of black propaganda and after the election, the rival candidates restore their friendship as if nothing happens. In short the election is clean and honest. If we could only copy the style and ways of electing people, we can perhaps gain ground towards progress, growth and development. I wish our politicians will aspire to adopt the beautiful ways of electing our leaders. BEN EMATA

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