By: Ben Emata

Why are there so many conflicts, misunderstanding, troubles, odds, and fighting around the world? Is this the resultant of lack of respect of people and countries? Some world leaders are so proud of themselves, of their people and country and they never think of others right to exist. Instead, they are driven by their selfish desire to expand, to annex or gather neighbors into their fold. This is lust no matter how we look at it and surely can lead to war.
This ugly behavior of human beings is self-destructive and utterly violates the law on co-existence. When the Almighty God created life, there was equality for all. The world was so vast for space of everyone. All of us were given free will and opportunities to survive. Nobody lags behind unless one is lazy and love to sleep all day.

Each of us can choose a direction in life. While some people go to the north in search of their dreams, others go to the opposite side or elsewhere for desire and aspiration. God is so knowing and understanding, he give us freedom to stir ourselves into the fulfilment of our dreams. In life, we climb a stair that goes up and down. Using our judgement, sometimes along the way, we fall and there we stand. Our determination to reach our goal and destination are so strong and many of us failed while others wave their hands in success.

Most country around the world had its perilous beginnings. Reading world histories will bring us to numerous stories of different places. In the Philippine we learned the hardships undertaken by the early Filipinos. We were short people, curly haired, dark complexion and wild. We ate everything raw from root crops, fish, meat since fire was unknown then. The art of primitive living sustained us into the advent of foreigners more particularly the Spaniards who discovered our tribes. We learned their language, culture and early education that until now we cherished.

Inherent to man from his heart are lust, jealousy and hatred. While we have the supreme power of reasoning and culture, we fall in other aspects, thus behaving sometimes like wild animals. By logic, man is an animal. The only difference between us and the apes is power and strength of reasoning.

Million of years have elapsed since the origin of man and now we are in the modern state of life. A thousands years more and the future will be amazed of our present life. They will be shocked at how we managed our affairs specially in our relations with other countries around us. Today our way of life would be as primitive as we thought of those people a thousand years ago. While we can speculate things, no one can ever tell the future.

Life is so precious that we must value for, as long as we live. It will always be better if we can preserve it, the way our creator wanted it to be. No matter how heavy the pain in our heart, we must rejoice and be patient for such thing is part of life. Like a fruit, sometimes it is sweet, sour and bitter. The thing is, it gives fragrance that is so adorable and worthwhile to cherish.

In this modern day of living, we should not b surprised why there is rivalry among nations, The super powers have their own way of existence. They are friendly with each other but behind are the unseen hatred and the ill-feelings that know no bounds. Most countries try to exploit the other while making preparation to destroy and conquer. By simple analysis, lust is behind it and each one desire to be on the top of all things. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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