By: Ben Emata

When former president Fidel V. Ramos came forward to denounce the style of Pres. Digong Duterte in the killings of alleged drug lords and his continuous attacks of the United States of America and the European Unions, the personal media of the president countered by destroying the integrity of Ramos. Among other things, Ramos was cited as the president who had numerous lapses and irregularities during his administration, that he is an American boy having graduated from the West Point Military Academy, etc. In short the aging former president is currently being persecuted by the camp of Duterte.

When Sen. Trillianes came forward to condemn the ugly ways of Dutrte in his first 100 days in office, numerous cases have been filed against him. Now the senator who is almost alone in the opposition to act as fiscalizer of sort, is facing the dilemma of defending himself against the horror of alleged fabricated cases.

Then Matobato an alleged member of the death squad in Davao City during the regime of Duterte as city mayor, he divulged the existence of the annihilation of the criminals. He admitted he was one of those who killed hundreds of suspected offenders who were not given their day in court.

Sen Leila De Lima who heads in the Senate an investigation in the numerous extrajudicial killings that claimed the lives of nearly 4,000 victims, conducted what she thought was appropriate, now she is swimming in boiling water and almost alone to defend herself. Pres. Digong personally spent so much time hurling insults and criticisms to a woman accusing her of immorality and all ugly adjectives available on earth. He even urged the senator to resign. De Lima, like a dog which was cornered, fought back and said the president is a proud womanizer. The fight, it seems, is now between two immoral combatants. It is absolutely getting serious and wrapped with thrills.

Vice Pres. Leni Robredo commented on the killings she was tagged almost immediately as a threat to democracy. Of course, Robredo who is a straightforward public official and as a lawyer knows her way in the legal circle. This is one lady who is not scared to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

When movie star Angot Isidro could no longer hold her sentiment on the killings, she came out in the open and described Pres. Duterte as a “psychopath”. The people were stunned such a young lady, who allegedly turned out a “cum laude” in her school could be so strong and courageous to condemn the president.

The Pope, Church, the media, the police and other groups came forward but they got nothing except curses and even threats. The police generals were tagged as protectors of drugs as well as many politicians including Mar Roxas and other important public officials.

The biggest of the opposition of Dutrte’s killing machine relative to violations of human right are the United States of America and the European Union but what
they got are curses as wel as “son of a bitch” and thunderous “go to hell” shouts.

In my personal view, I like many programs of Duterte in the government except that I condemn his opening of his mouth too wide and spits bad words then apologize later. His principle as a person is virtually low if not damaged. Hatred, revenge, jealousy, etc. are on top of the attitude of Filipinos. Some of our leaders want to get rich overnight, a thing that pose real danger in our society.

Our country has long been besieged by intrigues lies, liars, dirty and ignorant politicians supported by the powerful and the influential. For many years politics in our country has been described as a breeder of dirty Filipinos. How will the people at-large voice their opinions in this democratically-governed authority if we discouraged the taxpayers to participate? Where is freedom of expression if one who opened his mouth is harassed of criminal cases and threats of their lives?

I am not very much concerned for myself. I am definitely worried about the coming generation. To the words of former Pres. Fidel V.Ramos, “our country is a sinking ship under its captain, Rodrigo Duterte.” BEN EMATA Bennex News Service – – (

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