By: Ben Emata

It is too early to predict but the way I look at it, a big
war is snowballing and could develop not far from our
country – – right at the disputed seas. My thinking is
not based from hallucinations but from the present positions
countries which claim ownership of the Scarborough-Spratly

While friendly gestures and diplomacy are still on top of
the problem, deep within the feelings of each nation is the
hidden heartaches like water that is boiling within.
Friendship is superficial. Down beneath is hatred,
meaningless friendship bereft of sincerity.

In the first place, China is bent on having the disputed
seas as part of its territory by historical ground no matter
what. This precisely the reason why it did not participate
in the legal process filed by the Philippine in the
international arbitration. The recent decision of the
tribunal awarding the subject of the dispute to the
Philippines was nothing to China but a waste of paper which
it rejected for all purposes. Other claimants which were
respondents to the petition filed by our country like
Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, etc. were quiet on the decision
which amounted to their acceptance of the legal procedure
and subsequent ruling.

It is, therefore, apparent that China is the principal
villain that emerged in the region. As we see it, the only
ground upon which thee Chinese is leaning in its bullying
escapade is its size as a powerful country in all Asia. As
a matter of fact, one of the superpower around the world in
level with or parallel to the rest of the powerful ntions
like United States of America, England, Canada, France,
Germany and others.

China is aware of the size of it military which is actually
the measure of strength of any nation since the time of
Adam. In terms of modern weapons like missile nuclear bombs,
fighter jets and armaments, China stands shoulder to
shoulder with them. Because of this confidence in its
strength, the Chinese think at times it can bjlly its
nneighbors at anytime.

In the sidelines are nations which are holders of nuclear
weapons too such as North Korea, South Korea and most
probably other nations that are quiet on the matter. In a
world where people are heavily armed, patience is low and
and light exchange of heated words could lead to armed
confrontation in a much shorter time.

Under any ciecumstance, the scenario in the disputed seas is
filled with tension. It can blow up anytime. The United
States of America came in to ensure peace prevail but Chins
miuderdtood it as an interference. It declared on one time
that it is not afraid to face snyone in the region including
Americs. On top of this, the Chinese coaat guards had
followed the American ships in the area.

During the ASEAN convention in Laos, this week, it was
alleged that Pres. Barack Obama of America did not give so
much attention and/or importance to his counterpart, the
president of China. This of course, showed that there is
some kind of indifference between leaders of two
superpowers. The world is watching intensely with fearful
anticipation of military confrontation in the days to come,
God forbids. BEN EMATA Bennex News

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