By: Ben Emata

All of a sudden the criminals are armed with .38 cal. revolver and hand grenade and the police had to shoot them. This is the scenario everyday that come out in the media to justify the killings. I really have doubts about this reasoning. Criminals are normally afraid of the police and for them to fire first with their gun is just surprising and very unbelievable. People in their right mind would laugh on this issue and I suggest that the police should change their position in the killings. Get rid of doubt or suspicion from the public and let credibility stands. Daily murder has already alarmed people worldwide.

Pres. Digong should watch out his pronouncement of important issues. He talks too much and later would apologize for his blunder. Be a straight talker and hold on to principles. The latest of his none sense talk is that of the US ambassador to the Philippine whom he described as “gay and son of a bitch”. He forgets diplomatic relations that binds countries around the world. Sometimes Duterte thinks he is supreme and can do anything he wants that would truly please him. Insulting America, the world’s superpower, is exposing himself to ridicule and dishonor – – and the whole country too.

The way the government is being ran I don’t think Duterte needs the approval of congress for an emergency power to solve the problem of traffic in Metro Manila. Once the police start shooting those traffic violators, in less than 24 hours there will be smooth flow of traffic anywhere in the country.

In my honest opinion, martial law has not been declared yet but I see it is already practiced by the police. Killing left and right is an irreversible and concrete example of atrocities. What is astonishing is the fact that only the poor sidewalk vendors and jobless individuals tagged as drug lords are killed. This is stupid. What about the “magnanakaw” and corrupt politicians and the plunderers? Why no shoot to kill order for them? Is this the effect of a double standard of justice?

If I may suggest I wish the justices of the court of appeals and the supreme court be elected by the people at large and not appointed by the president. In many countries around the world, justices are elected to make them independent and fearless to no one. What happened to Chief Justice Corona was a manipulation by top leaders as revealed by some senators. It was a political maneuver that ended the way it was intended. It was an unparalleled injustice to Corona.

I could hardly believe that the number one drug supplier in Misamis Oriental, as alleged, was a resident of Claveria, Misami Oriental. I know the place very well and its people and surely I find it difficult to believe. When martial law was declared by Marcos and my newspaper publication was shut down, I ran to Claveria where I did odd business to survive with my family. I sold drugs and handled criminal cases of poor farmers. The place was extremely peaceful and the people are friendly.

If our country is really bent on killing people, I suggest the government should restore the death penalty first and the courts render judgment. “Shoot-to-kill order” is absolutely wrong because it deprives the citizens of its right of due process. I see this as highly unconstitutional and pure and simple stupidity.

I am calling the media practitioners to be strong, independent and fearless at all times to combat the weird system of our government. This is the moment we can prove our worth and importance in society. Let us be united in our endeavors. We must safeguard the interest of the taxpayers.

The annual celebration of the feast of St. Augustine is arund the corner. We shall have thousands of guests that we must welcome. Please be reminded this is going to be a religious affair and as such church services first before feasting of food preparations. And watch out of pickpockets, snatchers, and all sorts of thieves. BEN EMATA Bennex News Serice

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