By: Ben Emata

A woman from Scotland who celebrated recently her 109th birthday disclosed “avoid men” as her secret of longevity. Jessie Galan said she was born in a tiny farm town and lived with her four sisters and brother. She worked in the farm and never thought of getting married. Men would only give her trouble and problems thus avoiding them all the time. She eat the regular diet and did some physical fitness or exercise everyday.

One Susannah Musket Jones of USA is116 years old Her secret of long life is she eats a lot of bacon everyday. She got married and enjoyed life with her family. She did light physical fitness program daily. She is on diet everyday and maintain her lifestyle over the years.

A man from China, Li Chung Yuen is believed to be the oldest person in the world at 256 years old. He married 23 times and fathered more than 200 children. They eat herbal plants only in their place.

In San Jose, California, I once interviewed a Filipino woman whose relatives told me she was 105 years old. She looked strong and very normal.. When I asked her what else she would wish from God, she quickly answered she hope for more years in life.

In pre-historic days, it was said people lived as long as 700 to 800 years. During those time, they eat simple foods like vegetables and fish and drink clear water from river and creeks.

In this world there is no contest on who is the oldest man alive. What is important is we enjoy life and happy all the time if possible. There are people who live long but are unhappy and unable to make use of their time. Happiness is not measured by the number of years one is around but by his contentment, love, well-being and peace of mind.

In my case, my life is an open book and I have no secret of longevity. I just pray hard with sincerity many times a day. I never go to bed without praying. When I wake up in the morning I pray. When I am in the office working, I pray whenever possible. I ask for forgiveness from God when I pray. I eat anything to enable my body and soul stay afloat. At 80, I am not so strong anymore but I can walk alone without any aid from anybody. Sometimes I use a cane when I walk as per advise by my doctor but not so often. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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