By: Ben Emata

Sen. Leila De Lima is very fortunate she is a Filipino and living in the Philippines. The attack of Pres. Duterte on her person, if she were Japanese, she should be dead by now by “hara-kiri” (suicide). In Japan once a leader’s honor is demolished, there is just one way left for him – – suicide. I would suggest that De Lima should resign from public service. She has embarrassed the Filipinos of her dirty actuations unfit for human beings. As a Filipino, I felt ashamed too. If De Lima were only a man, I would not mind so much. She has disgraced the Filipino women. She picked up her driver to become her paramour when she could have gotten a professional to make her happy. She is a lawyer..

I hope Duterte should expose anything irregular in the government. Violators of our laws must be prosecuted to show to the people our government is not a joke. We have so many nice statutes that are only ignored specially by the influential and powerful. He must have spies in every office that are rampant and/or notorious of corruption and thieveries. The three to six months within which Duterte is supposed to make the change is almost halfway. Just one thing, Duterte must file cases against those he exposed otherwise he is nothing but a clown in circus carnival…

Another very important thing that we must be concerned about is the peace conference between the government and the Filipino communists.to be held in Oslob, Norway. Let us all hope for the success of the meeting that will eventually end all hostilities taking place in our country for nearly half a century. Top communists who have been in jail for years have been freed temporarily to attend the convention.

I urge our brother-communists to return to the fold of the law and let us join hands in making our country peaceful and profitable. We need to rise from corruption and dishonor to assure the future of our generation.

Let us stop the fighting that only destroy the aspiration of our people. Our government has lost unthinkable amount of public funds to fight our own brothers. This is one war that can never be won even for century. We have been waging this conflict for 47 years and still we are fighting.

We better attend to more pressing problems like natural disasters, unemployment, hunger, medical services, agriculture, fishing, etc. that are around us. Our county is not poor but many of our leaders chose the wrong direction that ended in crimes and hunger. They are the villains in our society that deserve to be shot between the eyes.

The word “change” is coming is an old song that politicians have been singing ever since I was in a cradle. The only change that took place is many of our politicians became rich and living in exclusive villages while the poor are living in slums with tears in their eyes. A clear well-trimmed, well-choreographed landscape that our eyes cannot be deceived. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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