By: Ben Emata

At the rate killing is taking place in the country nowadays, I just cannot imagine how sad the Almighty God is. Mass media are filled with news reports about murder, homicide, shoot-out, war, rebellion, – – all kinds of criminal offenses that clearly violated one of the ten commandments of God, “thou shall not kill”. Our environment must have turned upside down and people just do not know what they are doing.

Honestly, I am terribly scared while watching newscasts from the Philippines about daily killings. This scenario never happened before since the time of Adam and I really felt the country is a war zone. It seems evil is on top of the situation and everybody cheers for such thing. Certainly, I find this stupid.

I agree to the program of annihilating criminality in the country, as a matter of fact, that is the thing that catapulted Duterte to power but not to the extent of executing suspects without due process of law. Drug suspects have right to confront their accuser too and not killed for no reason at all. I am not defending these people, on the contrary I even hate them for indulging such illegal actuations but definitely killing them without trial is not part of our culture much less lifestyle.

What we are doing now is necessarily a repetition of history when people were uneducated and behaving like those wild animals in the jungle. Animals know no law and they are just guided by their instinct through their sense of smell and hearing. So when they meet anywhere, their first reaction is to fight to the death and whoever remain standing and breathing is the king.

Sad to state, we belong to the time of Jesus Christ, whom we believe as the son of God, who taught us the right principle in life and the ways to exist. It is true we are animals until we die but our creator gave us the power of reasoning and correct thinking – – things that we miserably overlooked.

Our present government is in a hurry to earn fame, to what it think, as killer of criminality, savior of a nation long-wrapped with foolishness and the like. Regrettably, however, some countries around the globe despised this method as pure and simple cruel and just horrible. It gives us not fame but notoriety in controlling criminality the wrong way. It gives us disgrace, dishonor and sin.

The style of getting away criminality encourages our youth and coming generation to kill because such thing is allowable and part of our culture. In such case, the law of God “thou shalt not kill” is facing a definite dilemma of getting habitually violated. This is worst than practices of creatures in the mountains where excessive killing is ordinary in order to survive.

It is not late yet for us to change our system of governing our country.. We are still in the right track to proceed on our desire to erase crimes in our society. Let us just follow the principle of the ten commandments and never go against the wishes of God.

We should be reminded that we all shall pass this world like a river that does not return. We must preserve life by all means and respect other’s right to live. We must leave a footstep worthy to be remembered by human beings in the future. There can never be true peace in the country if we see tears of widows and children caused by the deaths of their loved ones.

Henceforth, let us stop the unnecessary killings of our people. God has his way of punishing individuals who disrespect his commandments. In our search for justice and peace for the country, we unwittingly give irreparable damage to some of our people. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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