By; Ben Emata

If we noticed there is practically killings everyday including Sundays and holidays, related to the illegal use of shabu. The drug is big business worth billions of pesos and truly it is worth fighting for. People in this trade are armed and has bodyguards willing to fight to the death. Some of them have become billionaires in so short a time by way of their business in shabu.

The authorities have been conducting raids everyday and discovered many of the bigtime drug lords in the provinces and towns are local officials from the municipal mayors and staff. Same thing in Metro Manila and the cities in Luzon and the Visayas. While these drug lords are making big money, on the other side people are dying as a result of the illegal drugs. Funeral parlors are busy attending to the victims as embalmers are tied to their job.

Many of the victims are students, young adults, professionals and the common people in the lower category. The law enforcers have their share in the problem with many of its members in the army and police are either drug lords, pushers or users.

Everybody is stunned to realize the extent of the illegal drug business and the aftermath insofar as the health of the citizenry is concerned. Such magnitude of the drug business surpassed other big countries around the world, it was reported.

Experts have surmised this menace have been going on for many years during the past administration but were left unattended to, until it reached the ceiling of violations. What is surprising is the illegal use of the drugs has reached even to the poor taxicab, bus and jeepney drivers – – thus affecting their families.

It has been revealed that continuous use of the illegal drug by the majority of the people will definitely weaken the economy and damage tremendously the general health of the citizens. Observers have strongly suggested that the issue must be strictly stopped soonest and law enforcers should throw to jail all those involved in the illegal business. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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