By: Ben Emata

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – – Hundreds of drug lords, pushers and users have surrendered to the authorities for fear of getting killed as the campaign against the use of illegal drugs intensified this week just days after Pres. Duterte assumed office.

TAGOLOAN – – Two more drug pushers in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental were killed by authorities in an alleged gun battle early today. This made the town the champion in the number of deaths connected to the illegal drugs. There is killing in this town almost every three days.

BALINGASAG – – An alleged illegal drug mastermind, scion of a prominent family and professional has surrendered to a barangay captain yesterday because of fear he will be liquidated by authorities who went to the town looking for him. Other drug personalities have reportedly escaped arrest.

JASA-AN – – This small town in the eastern side of Misamis Oriental had some drug pushers who surrendered to agents of the law, afraid of being killed.

OTHER TOWNS – – Misamis Oriental towns are being watched for illegal drugs while some suspected pushers and users had been warned to stop or suffer the consequence of the campaign.

COUNTRY-WIDE – – The country-wide drive against the use of illegal drugs is in full blast. Metro Manila and its surrounding cities and provinces are littered with lifeless bodies of alleged drug lords, pushers and users. The bodies were covered with papers with words “huwag tularan, pusher ako”.

SOME MEDIA AFRAID TOO – – Some media outlets in the country are silent about the extra judicial killings or salvaging for fear of their lives too. Others liked the campaign against drugs for the interest of the general citizenry.

PRES. DIGONG DUTERTE – – He revealed that dozens of town mayors around the country are also linked to drug use. The five police generals he exposed as protectors of drug lords are now being investigated.

OBSERVERS’ COMMENTS – – Some neutral observers decried the massive killing of suspects in drug business as it goes on higher gear. They said the matter can easily be abused by the authorities and even those who are not suspects but hold grievance with some law enforcers could easily be killed on the pretext of drug use. Some of them could not believe the report of suspects engaging in firefight with the police.

INNOCENT SUSPECTS – – One problem in the killing of drug suspects are the innocent bystanders, the peaceful citizens, clean residents, the jobless, etc. who are not part of the problem but could be killed by stray bullets. Anybody can be suspect. (BENNEX NEWS SERVICE)

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