By: Ben Emata

I have been hearing Pres. Digong Duterte saying he will introduce the Federal System in the country. I assumed this is the major change that he was propagating on top of firing corrupt government officials in the system.

Our country has been in a democratic system since July 4, 1946 when we acquired Independence from the United States of America; later was governed by the military when then Pres. Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law throughout the land. When the dictator realized martial law was abused by some military top officers that sent to the stockade people who committed minor offenses, he declared the parliamentary system, abolished Congress and created the “Batasan Pambansa” and cabinet members were called “prime minister”, “ministers”, and members of the “Batasan” as assemblymen, etc. When Cory Aquino assumed office as president, she reverted the system to democratic again until today.

Now Pres. Duterte has made pronouncements that he will introduce the Federal System of government like that of the United States of America, Germany and many powerful countries around he world, Filipinos after all are great imitator. So be it but it should be known that the federal system of government is entirely strange to the Filipinos more specifically the general masses who have not attended the higher education..

I, therefore, urge the government to first educate the people about the federal system. Tell them why we should switch to federalism. Hold seminars, press conferences, inform the taxpayers of the advantages and disadvantages of the new system. Our government, being for the people, by the people and of the people, we must then hold a referendum to determine how far the Filipinos want to adopt the new system. If the new administration pursues the change to federalism by itself, that is pure and simple dictatorship. I would think the need for constitutional convention to draft the amendments of the constitution specially on death penalty and many others

We can never tell a future president might try the system of communism and be allied with Red China, North Korea, Cuba and other communist states. Some communist countries are prosperous and there must be something behind that made them in such stature. Of course, it is very difficult for the majority of the Filipinos to accept communism because it frontally collide with our religion.

As far as I can recall, democratic system (presidential) has not destroyed the country. Everything went fine and beautiful. It gives us full freedom just like those enjoyed by America and many European countries. The problem in our country is we have so many stupid, less educated and corrupt leaders ever since. And the worst, we unashamedly salute, idolize and dignify them, even addressing them “honorable”. And they are the ones who impoverished us while they become billionaires. Some of them tour around the world at our expense. They should be hanged from a tree, shot and thrown to the mouth of crocodiles.

I just hope that we shall take the right highway towards progress and development specially in the countryside where poverty really exist. It is very embarrassing to accept some of our people go to sleep with hungry stomach while we have wide vast of land for agriculture. It is horribly a shame to accept that we failed in our endeavors because of laziness and weakness to work or find ways for survival.

Whatever we do for our country, I pray the Almighty God will give us guidance and lead us in our journey for contentment and happiness. Let us all pray that the new president will overcome all obstacles to his dream of prosperity in the country. God will help us no doubt. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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