A preview of how to get rid of criminals and drugs in six months


First he was a reluctant candidate. Then he decided he could make the life of the Filipino a lot better if he is not just a mayor of the largest city in the world where he has shown what he could do to make that better life a reality but could do it for every Filipino if he is the President. Thus from a reluctant candidate Rodrigo Duterte finally wentfor the Presidency promising the people that he will bring the real changeto the country in just three to six months.

He told the people that he would stop criminality and illegal drugs in just six months after becoming the President of the Philippines. He did not say how but anoverwhelming majority of the voters believed him. So, hungry for drastic change, 16,601,997 voters on election day voted for him. That is 6 million more votes than the votes cast for the second highest, and that is Liberal Party’s Mar Roxas.

Now that Mayor Duterte has been proclaimed winner by both Houses of Congress, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC), the President-Elect is slowly showing how he will deliver his promiseto the Filipino people.

He has chosen a seasonedpolice officer, although far in the rank of succession, to head the very agency of government that is mandated to enforce the law in order to clean the streets of undesirables. He has promised to restore death penalty amidst the objection of eventhemost influential sector of society. He has not veered away from his stand to kill and not just capture the criminals who will chose to fight it out with the authority.

He has vowed to rid the streets of minors after 10 o’clock in the evening and outlaw drinking alcoholic drinks after 1 o’clock in the morning by imposing the curfew. He has in fact said that some of the media men who wer killed deserved their deaths. And he assured the media that he could not be intimidated by the media’s threat to boycott his press briefings. He has in fact stopped his press briefings.

And mong his latestpronouncements were that he would set aside billions of pesos in reward money for those who can kill the drug lords. And not just that he advised the police generals whom he said were the protectors of illegal drug lords to resign before they are embarrassed by his announcement of their names.

News of police protectors is not new anymore even from the ranks of generals because we have heard of this before. Even the news that the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa as the place where shabu is being manufactured has already surfaced a long time ago. There was not just serious investigations that were done. Or if there was the report was not pursued to its closure.

President-Elect Duterte may not be acting the way many people wanted him to act or behave but if his ways will deliver the change that the people who voted for him believed he would do, then I would not be bothered at all.

The fear that we may become a lawless country under the DutertePresidency is, I believe, without enough basis as of now. After all he is a lawyer and a former state prosecutor. His training and orientation is to follow the law and the processes of the law.

Lawyer Elly Velez Pamatong has filed a petition for mandamus with the Supreme Court to disregard or nullify the votes received by President-Elect Duterte during the May 9 elections but the Supreme Court junked this petition. There could be no other ruling. How can the Supreme Court deny more than 16 million voters of their mandate for Duterte without creating chaos that is sought to be prevented by the petition?

All we need to do now is wait for the real change to come.


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