50th Tagbilaran City Charter Day


We look forward to the golden city charter day on Friday
For one, there is no work and class in the city as Tagbilaran turns 50 years old.
Seriously speaking, to the uninitiated, there is a seemingly mentality gap between the city residents today compared to those who live in the city 50 years ago. The transients do not have any idea about this mentality.
Only those who have the opportunity to live with the old Tagbilaran minds can fathom this mentality. We are among the few who were able to have this rare chance.
We are happy to have served the city for nine consecutive years as a city councilor and we no longer entertain the idea of coming back as a member of the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Tagbilaran although we are not closing our doors to future electoral exercises.
We served two city mayors, Jose V. Torralba and Dan N. Lim and three city vice mayors, namely Jorge D. Cabalit (now the presiding judge of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 48, incumbent City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso and Atty. Nuevas Tirol-Montes, now the president of the University of Bohol.
We chaired various committees in the city board either as chairman, vice-chairman and had been part of the most powerful committee on appropriations.
We also served as the assistant majority floor leader of the city sanggunian and had the opportunity to the work with its legendary members such as Urbano Lagunay, Mariano Capayas, Paulino Clarin, Jose Angalot, Eddie Israel and Leo Lim.
We thank City Mayor Baba Yap for including us in the list of awardees during the Charter Day program on Friday but we have already fixed our mind not to join the awarding rites.
Thank you for the invitation anyway.
A day prior to the golden city charter day of Tagbilaran, we will be watching Rodrigo Roa Duterte assume as the country’s 16th president.
We are quite happy with the assumption of Duterte. Firstly, we and our family openly campaigned for him and serve as his legal bureau during the May 9 polls.
Our only begotten grandson, Dudot, even offered a hand respect to him and got his attention when we met him at the city airport last April 10 when he visited the province.
Secondly, the feeling of having a fellow Bisayan sit as the President of the Philippines is quite fulfilling. We really wanted the elitists and the social people in Manila to finally recognize the Visayans no longer as a second class citizen of this country.
The imperialist Manila people look at us as mere house helpers and family drivers and wanted us to look at them as the superior class in our race.
Duterte’s campaign manager Jun Evasco correctly said that the May 9 polls is a class war, a war between the “probinsyanos” and the Manilans.
We are happy that at this early, Duterte showed to them that he is indeed a “probinsyano” with the way he dresses sans the sartorial elegance that even the foreign media people laughed.
We will see if the social people will like the food to be served during the inauguration of Duterte at noontime on June 30. Nobody cares anyway.
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