By: Ben Emata

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has made too many pronouncements what to do when he start office next month but I have yet to hear what are his plans for our seniors more particularly on their deteriorating health problems. Many of our old men and women have suffered so much of deprivations particularly in food, enjoyment in life, medical and dental services and many more.

I met a lot of them just sitting in dark corners of their homes unattended to by their busy children, hungry and sickly and waiting for darkness to come. Some of them are in skin and bone and could not sustain life for lack of resources. They are walking scarecrows in the homes and yet these people were the heroes of our lives during their time. It was this sector who developed society and preserved honor and dignity in our lives. They should be attended to, and taken care of, until they breath their last.

I wish the government extend to them health services like free medical, dental and hospital service and even burial when their time comes. They shoud be given monthly pensions to allow them to buy food and be happy at their remaining days rather than let them get lost in a society where their only mistakes is being alive too long. We never have attended to their needs. I remember several old folks who came to me asking for some money to enable them to buy hypertension and diabetes pills and sadly those who have no friends to go to just die in extreme agony.

And yet the new administration has spoken a litany of projects that amazed people since they all tend to give more progress to the country, Duterte spoke of giving peace to the country and even invited the leftists to help him on such project. Many projects have been put on the surface – – things that were unheard of in the past decades.

Majority of society right now could feel the difference in deed and reality of the coming government which they hoped could really make a change. People were used to empty promises, unrealized projects here and there, failures of vows from politicians and the like that were uttered by previous leaders. Of course we knew for a fact this made some angry people went to the hills to show their distrust and dissatisfaction.

In my case I like peace and order improved first before anything. Once people can walk freely in our streets even during the nights specially the rich, the tourists, the leaders and many others, many miracles can take place in our country. Our new president must face the problems of the rebels to solve the dreadful kidnapping by the Abu Sayaff and other people with bad habits in society.

I wonder if Duterte can impose discipline among our people specially the youth who now wallow in drugs and criminality. This guys are our hope for the future but right now we feel losing them because of too much of bad habits and failures. Society is dwindling and utterly shaking in the edge of a cliff. In short we are falling. We must rebuild ourselves. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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