No sweep for LP; BUO reaps posts

TAGBILARAN CITY – Bohol United Opposition (BUO) has shattered the myth that this province is an administration bailiwick as it garnered key posts in the provincial government with challenger senior board member Atty. Dionisio Balite at the helm being the next vice-governor of Bohol in last Monday’s elections.

Balite (PDP-Laban) defeated incumbent Vice-Gov. Conching Lim of Liberal Party with much-vaunted well-oiled machinery. He harvested a total of 265,274 votes cast against Lim’s 246,844, based on Provincial Cavass Report obtained by BNT.

But his proclamation set yesterday afternoon was postponed today by Atty. Jerome Brillantes, chair of the Provincial board of canvassers, due to “destroyed SD card” in the towns of Sierra-Bullones and Lila and transmission problem in some towns.

Reelectionist Rep. Aris Aumentado trounced his challenger board member Gerry Garcia who failed to get even half of what the former got —– 134,537 against Garcia’s 49,909.

BUO also got three seats in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan with the election of reelectionist (2nd district) board member Atty. Tomas D. Abapo, Jr with 86,000. He is followed by outgoing B-Unido Mayor Nino Boniel with 67,064 votes and third seat went to LP’s Agapito Avenido who got a total of 52,902 votes to complete the three-seat board of the district. Those who did not make it: BUO’s Tonypet Ouano with 47,209; LP’s Jonel Torregosa, 51,290; and LPs Gierhjem Puracan, 52,081.

Balite’s youngest son Victor Balite is the only BUO bet who survived the race in 3rd district board member with 93,195 votes that made him second to LP’s neophyte Alexie Tutor, wife of reelectionist Candijay Mayor Christopher Tutor, who garnered a total of 105,353.

Other LPs in 3rd district Board member include also a greenhorn Jade Acapulco Bautista with 89,056; and 4th slot went to reelectionist Elpidio Jala, 76,163.

Those who did not make it in 3rd district were: Atan Binlod with 62,341; Freda Tirol, 56,720; Sancho Bernales, 43,663; and Omac, 6,512 votes.

In first district, LPs dominated the race for board member with reelectionists Atty. Benjie Arcamo, 111,435; Atty. Abeleon Damalerio, 104,259; and rookie Ricky Masamayor, 86,993. Those who did not make it were Donald Sevilla with 59,599 and Mesina, 13,973.

Reelectionist Gov. Edgar Chatto’s win this year may not be impressive than his previous victories with 317,460 total votes as against challenger Loay Mayor May Imboy’s 214,452 and other bets for governor: Fer Gaudicos, 1,257; Kary Balagosa, 2,378; and Wenceslao Garcia, 9,746.

First district congressional race, reelectionist Cong. Rene Relampagos posted a comfortable win with 142,303 as against his opponents Joahna Cabalit, 27,508; and what appeared to be a perennial loser Chris Alturas, 9,447.

In third district congress race, incumbent Rep. Arthur Yap is heading to complete his third term with his 111,890 votes as against BUO’s matriarch Conchita Che Toribio delos Reyes, 84,450. (rvo)

PROCLAMATION FEVER… (From Left) BM Ricky Masamayor, Abel Damalerio, Benjie Arcamo, Rene Relampagos, Pureza Chatto, Gov. Chatto, Rep Art Yap, BM-elect Alexie Tutor; BM-elect Jade Bautista and Elidio Jala. (rvo)

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