By: Ben Emata

Members of the local media in Cagayan de Oro City, in this point in time, are preparing for the big celebration of the annual press freedom week. This is the moment when everyone ponders how far modern civilization has gone up from its beginning when silence and ignorance ruled the days. More than a century had passed from those moment when the country was under the regimes of foreign powers and Filipinos just listened and could not even make a sound to express their feelings. It was horribly a dark moment when freedom for everything was unknown more particularly our right to say a word.

In this modern living, we not only cherish and appreciate the effects of democracy in this civilized world but also display our utmost love of press freedom. A famous leader once said “it is better to have no government at all than to have one without freedom of the press”. By this we can see how people appreciate and love the right of expressions.

As the world emerged further into environmental change, what was just three branches of government in a democratic society that were the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary, fiercely grew and entered what today is known as the fourth estate – – Journalism. Whether by compelling reasons or anything that brought to the surface the power of the press, its birth within the cradle of government hierarchy is just the effects of the voice of the people – – a right direct from the heart and mind.

Like everything in this modern world, people have improved themselves, fought tough battles and emerged victorious to gain freedom. Foremost of such right is our freedom of the press when society is treated well in entertainment, information and everything around it. How far we have gone in this right of the press remains abstract as society grows.

As we celebrate press freedom week, we are humbled by our past. We were driven by our spirit and stamina to exist fighting our way to find a spot not only in society but foremost and above all things, winning the heart of every human being worldwide.

Every member of the media is proud to say we are behind those sad moments of life, we work day and night to survive and give you information and entertainment, the heartaches of deprivation, the risks of the profession and the pain of blood and tears. We work so hard to give you the things taking place in our world.

Today we wish to say we are so proud that we exist as members of the Fourth Estate and society has long accepted us as such, like other professions around us. We look straight to the eyes of everyone with clean heart, pride, honor and dignity. We stand firm to the old age slogan of “the pen is mightier than the sword” and so proud of our existence. Deep in our hearts, we shout so loud Long Live Press Freedom.

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