Let us make that One Good Vote


Today we get a preview of who the Boholano voters will prefer from among the candidates running for positions from the national down to the local elective positions. The Holy Name University (HNU) will present to the public at 2 p.m. today the results of the Bohol Poll that the university usually conducts during election. This will be the final presentation of poll results before the election on Monday, May 9th.

Early last April, HNU also presented the result of its first survey to give us the early favourite candidates of Boholnos for President, Vice President, Congressmen, Governor, Vice Governor, and the City an Vice Mayor of Tagbilaran City along with what the Boholanos perceived as the social, economic and environmental issues.

That first poll gave the candidates bases for adjusting their platforms of government given the issues and problems that the voters enumerated. The result also gave the candidates a glimpse of how they were faring among the voters that early on in the campaign so that they could make adjustments to their campaign strategies either to keep their lead or to catch up with the frontrunners.

While survey results are sentiments and perception only of a fraction of the entire voting population, when done scientifically, they are statistically considered valid. This was proven in the many elections in the past. They are not the final result of how the voters will decide on election day on Monday, but the probability is high that that what will come out will be the actual voting results unless candidates have not run out of ammunition in their election armory of strategies to reverse the trend two days before elections.

From experience we know that moneyed candidates who are tailing in the survey have their last resort to work for them – their money. This will be the time to let money talk to and persuade the voters. Thus there is the strategy of increasing the amount of inangayan or “pamusil”, meaning targeting non-supporters for high stake vote buying. Again experience tells politicians that this strategy was effective for many candidates in past elections.

And where does this lead us to but a public service driven by self-interest for the politician. Why would they care about what they promised during the campaign when it was not their platform of government that made the voters vote for them but their money? This is the cycle of how the electorate choose their political leaders that keep this country in the “kangkongan.”

Three days ago I was informed that one candidate running for board member already gave out an initial inangayan of P20 per voter. Another one who is running for a higher position already gave out P50 per voter. How much will it be tonight? Tomorrow? And on Sunday? Believe me it will be in the thousand pesos.

Will the campaign for One Good Vote make a difference? Will the pastoral letter of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) make a difference? Let us hope so because if they won’t we will remain the sick man of Asia for a long long time.

On the other hand, are the Vote Counting Machines (VCM) untouchable? Meaning can’t they be manipulated to count only those that the smart hackers want them to count? Again let’s take the word of the Comelec because if it can be shown that the VCMs can be manipulated, we may have a revolution on our hands. God forbid.

What is good in Monday’s election is that we have five (5) candidates for President to choose from. This is no longer a situation of choosing the lesser evil. This is a situation where we can be free to choose the leader who can bring to realization our aspirations and dreams for a better life in a community, in our locality and in our country.

Our choices for local elective positions may be few but then again the candidates are no strangers to us for us not to be able to make the right choice. In the last stretch of the campaign all sorts of black propaganda were spread in the streets, in the airlanes but our voters know and can separate the truth from black propaganda. They can make an intelligent choice when voting.

Let’s make our vote count. Let us go out and vote and make that vote a ONE GOOD VOTE! Then we have helped in adjusting the sail of this country to the direction that we all dream of proceeding to.


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