If change is coming it should be the change from within


It is now clear that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s battle cry of “Change is Coming” has clicked with the voters in the last election. The full length and depth of that promise may not have dawned completely with the voters but at that time that was themost attractive promise to the people in contrast with the promise of status quo of the “DaangMatuwid” of Mar Roxas.

People will only want to keep the status quo if all are happy and satisfied with the present state of their life. Obviously there were more unhappy people than happy ones that is why almost 30% of the votes cast were made in favour of Duterte. For a position contested by five (5) candidates, that is a pretty high percentage of votes in one’s favor.

It is not therefore surprising if the people at this time have very high expectation of the Duterte Presidency.In fact, those rooting for him now would want Duterte to spell out all the changes, short of miracles, that he will make on their lives in the next six (6) years. We know of course that promises are the easiest thing to do but making them all happen cannot be done at one time.

Change can be legislated. It can be outlined and framed in a policy. Implementing and enforcing it are much much more different. It needs an organization attuned to such change to make it happen.

That is the first change that Mayor Duterte has to work on if he wants to succeed in getting his promises to materialize – organizational change. That organization is represented by the different government institutions many of which direly need that organizational change because of the culture ofcorruption that have long been deeply cultivated for generations of administrations that have thrown moral values to the office trash bins and replaced them with the culture of cleptocracy.

But more than the change needed by the organization and the people that make them up, the most important change is not the one to be prescribed by theDuterte Presidency but the onethat will come from within each and every Filipino. The change from within is the most effective change to begin the climb to greatness.

Unless the individual person accepts the fact that change must first come from himself or herself, any change will be ephemeral and skin deep – one that will be lost again easily. It will be like building a house on the sandy beach that is easily washed away by the slightest wave of the sea.

The expectation of change therefore should not come or be directed only by the DutertePresidency. It should also be the change that Duterte will expect from the people.

As of now, so much has been said about the people that the new President will bring into his cabinet to effect the change that he has promised the Filipino people. Some of the names have already surfaced that made a lot of jittersamong people who have worked so hard to keep us safe and peacefully living under our democratic processes.

Let us hope he makes the right decision that is acceptable to the majority or the processes of that change that is coming could again take a turbulent path and direction.


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