Black propaganda won’t work less than a week to election


When the dogs of war are unleashed during elections their barks are usually black propaganda. And who are those capable of keeping dogs of war but those with the machinery, the influence and the gold to finance the evil taste of money tokeep these dogs.

We can just look around to see that the dogs of war have been unleashed a little more than two weeks before elections to spew black propaganda against candidates who are front runners . All they need is just to create a doubt in the minds of the people especially the soft supporters to change their minds.

It is not necessary that black propagandists tell the truth because they cannot do that with certainty. All they need is a hint of the truth that they would like people to believe. In fact that is the essence of black propaganda. If they have the truth with certainty, they will not resort to black propaganda. They will go directly to the courts. Although going to the courts without the intention of pulling it through is also one kind of black propaganda. Which is what the detractors and rivals of Vice President JejomarBinay did. They filed the cases almost two years ago without success until now.

In the local level we see this mantle or net of black propaganda being thrown like a fishing net now happening against the 2nd District frontrunner for Congressman,ArisAumentado. His detractors have come up with a publication named Pagbantay Bohol which they printed and circulated all over the 2nd District to picture Cong. Aris, his family and friends as the exact opposite of what Boholanos know of the Aumentados as a dedicated and honest public servant.

The publication is a vicious attack on the integrity of the former Vice Governor, Congressman and Governor of the Province and now his son and namesake Cong. ArisAumentado.

The accusations contained inthis publication was not even hinted before the electionsnor mentioned in the early part of the election campaign for local officials. It was only after the Bohol Poll result conducted by the Holy Name University was presented to the public that the publication attacking the Aumentados popped up. Understandably it can only be because his only contender to the position of Representative of the 2nd District, Board Member Gerry Garcia, obtained only 16% voters preference as against Aumentado’s 83% less than a month to election.

Any politician worth his salt will know that a variance of 67% is impossible to overcome but surrender isnot possible either considering that Candidate Garcia belongs to the ruling administration Liberal Party. The only way to miraculously reverse the score is for the dogs of war to be unleashed.

Board Member Garcia may no longer have a hand on this since obviously he does not have the people and personal machinery to come up with the content needed within a very short span of time. It can only therefore come from people whose ambition may be threatened by the rise to power of the youngAumentado.

But as they say, everything is possible in politics. The only thing is that this time and short of hard enough stuff to back the allegations, the black propaganda assembled by the dogs of war may just backfire on the authors.The track record of the Aumentados in public service is founded on solid grounds. Their legacy will triumph in the midst of the strongest attacks.

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