11-year old pedestrian hit by trike

GARCIA-HERNANDEZ- A pedestrian identified as one Cherry Mae Buceta y Badiang, 11 years old was hit by a Jiangmen Haojue motorcycle color blue along the national highway at Brgy. Cayam this town last Saturday.
The suspect was identified as Roger Olasiman y Sagusay,33 years old, single of West Ulbujan with the motorcycle being owned by Mediator Boiser of Tipolo, Ubay.
Initial investigation conducted revealed that while the said motorcycle was travelling from the city heading east direction and upon reaching at the place where the incident happened, the said pedestrian victim suddenly crossed the national highway and accidentally bumped by the motorcycle.
Both driver and pedestrian victim sustained injuries and wrtr brought to Valencia Hospital for immediate medical treatment while the involved motorcycle was brought to the police station for proper disposition.

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