This Antonio smells like sh_t!


This candidate for the second highest post of the land smells like sh_t. If he has any followers here, they should sense the same.
We don’t know if our companieros, Antonio Amora and Antonio Arabejo still like this guy even if they have the same first names.
Much more with Anthony Aniscal in Jagna on whether he is also supporting the vice-presidential bid of Antonio who is a sonnamagun.
But to in the words of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, we should be careful with this idiot.
Duterte minced no words last Friday against Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV who claimed that the tough-talking mayor told him in a casual conversation how he had shot people in the head while on their knees.
“I don’t know him. I only met him twice,” Duterte said in a rally in Pandacan, Manila.
Trillanes said Duterte, shared the story with him during a meeting set up by a “common friend” in April last year to explore the possibility of running together.
Duterte confirmed that he indeed met with Trillanes.
“Nag-usap kami gusto niya maging presidente sa akin, ay vice, sabi ko, hindi ka pwede, madumi ang record mo. Sa militar, pinag-iinsulto mo pa yung mga heneral,” Duterte said.
(We talked, he wanted to be president and for me to be vice, I said I can’t [run with you], you’re record is tainted. In the military, you insulted the generals.)
He recalled saying that Trillanes was not deserving to be a vice president.
“You are not deserving, nagkudeta ang g***, sinira ang hotel, pinagkakalat sa mundo at ngayon nagyayabang pa,” he said.
([He] is not deserving, he staged a coup d’etat, destroyed the hotel, and it was known all over the world, and now he is even boasting.)
The tough-talking mayor said Trillanes only wanted to be in the news.
“I know the purpose. Para nasa news siya, baka sakali manalo siya (if he is in the news, he might win),” he said, referring to Trillanes’ low standing in surveys.
He narrated how Trillanes went on a mutiny but later surrendered.
“Pa hero-hero. Bakit di ka nagpakamatay, bakit ka nag-surrender,” he told Trillanes, referring to the Manila Peninsula siege.
(Playing the hero. Why didn’t you just kill yourself, why did you surrender?)
He mentioned how Trilanes humiliated former Armed Forces of The Philippines Chief Angelo Reyes, which led to his death.
“That’s Trillanes. Be careful with that idiot,” Duterte said.
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