The other view to stopping the proliferation of illegaldrugs


The problem on illegal drugs is a subject that must not be limited to law enforcers and those in government to solve. It is a societal problem that must involve everyone. That is why today I am giving way to Ms.FloritaVitor, a graduate student in public administration at the Holy Name University who shared her thoughts when asked how to approach the issue of illegal drugs in our community.

Here is what she says:

“Although illegal drugs has already penetrated the lowest unit of our government and has destroyed individuals and families, and unlike other problems which call for a micro level solutions, the issue of illegal drugs for me is best solved if the crusade should start from the national level cascading to the barangays and the efforts should be concerted.

“In the national capital, where most of the government agencies are housed and where the biggest international airport, at least of our country is located, and where most machineries of the government are found should, first and foremost, strictly enforce custom laws and aviation laws. It is through their serious enforcement that the proliferation of illegal drug syndicate can be averted.

“The national government, which has the duty to keep secure the meets and bounds of the countries, should not also selectively enforce these laws including anti-drugs laws. It should be the national government leading the fight against illegal drugs and every agency, organization, and unit of the government should be serious in carrying out their respective tasks. Drug lords, big drugs syndicates, drug laboratories should be the primary targets in all raids and operations and not just the ordinary peddlers and uninformed sick drug users who are the victims themselves. If big drug syndicates, which have strong connections and support of influential officials, would be under the control of government, there would not be small scale drug peddlers in the barangays and if there would be no small scale peddlers in the barangays, there would be no drug users.

“Moreover, every drug enforcement agency should be assiduous in their fight against illegal drugs. Enforcement should not only be seriously undertaken when there is an order from the higher ups to meet certain percentage of apprehensions. My personal assessment on illegal drugs is that it is like a cancer. A cancer in society and like cancer, the fight or treatment should be regular and continuous. Otherwise, the cancer cells are given the chance to thrive and metastasize.

“In the local scenario, I consider procedural lapses in the apprehension as one reason why the best solution for illegal drugs has not yet been achieved. Yes, trainings and seminars have already been done to at least minimize procedural defects leading to dismissal and acquittal of drug cases but forgive me when I entertain thoughts that procedural defects are intentionally committed by our law enforcements to provide room for case negotiations. Padrino system, political connections and corruption are deterrents for the effective and efficient eradication or mitigation of the drug problem of the country. “

NOTES. Ms Vitor has provided the other view eradiating illegal drugs. The popular view has always been that addressing the problem on illegal drugs starts from the family which is also right. So why not strike the problem from both – right from the top of the government’s totem pole and the smallest unit of society. This way there is no escape.


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