The dark side of elections


What is it in elective positions that those politicians and candidates gunning for them every time there is an election act like drug addicts who are willing to downgrade themselves to the level of cockroaches instead of raising their persons several bars higher? The last 90 days of the election campaign period has brought about these kind of people as if he or she who can be the least human being in the eyes and perception of the people becomes the most qualified to lead this country or this province or this city or this municipality.

This is the dark side, evil is the more fitting description, of democracy in the Philippines that may never be corrected by the Filipinos. Look at how candidates from the national to the local level positions clawed at each other, called each other debasingnames, accused each other of crimes the penalty of which is death had it been restored. Yet they want us to vote them to lead the majority of us poor to another six (6) or three (3) years in the darkness of poverty?

It is high time we make one good vote. It is high time we forget, even just this time that our vote can get us a week’s supply of food with the amount of inangayan that the candidates have already prepared for us if we are their supporters, or a higher amount if they know they can buy us.

Actually voters don’t need 90 days or 45 days to know who are the better persons and leaders among the candidates in the national and local elections. For the re-electionists and for the incumbents who are aspiring for higher positions, thy have already shown their calibre by their performances in office. The people know who were sleeping and who were not. The people know who the doers were because they see, touch and feel the concrete proofs of the candidates’ performance. The people know who are the “all speeches only” candidates because their performances are like balloons that float with nothing inside but air of lip service.

The new comers have the advantage of not being obliged to show performance because it will be the first time that they seek a mandate in public service. But they have the more difficult task of convincing the voters that they deserve a shot at public service. If they can do so and especially if they can show that thy have excelled in their field of expertise prior to seeking public positions, most voters will be willing to give that chance. It will always be good to have new public servants who are filled with the ideas, energy and enthusiasm to make life better for the people.

It is 10 days to decision day. Voters have enough time to decide on who to give that one good vote to. Voters should not listen to what a candidatesays of his or her opponent. They should listen with their heart and mind to what they know and want from the candidates. They only need to look around and see what ails their community and society and then decide who have the solid foundation in their drive, conviction, and morality to give Filipinos a better Philippines, better Senate, better House of Representatives, better Bohol, better city an better municipality.

Let us not prostitute this democratic exercise and make it a tool for bad governance to flourish. Let us see what are our priorities and find out who can best provide the answer to those priorities. I like sports, for example, but a coliseum cannot address the priority of addressing poverty and deprivation that is felt by 66% of the Boholanos.

It is time candidates do away with the dark side of elections and for voters make that ONE GOOD VOTE!

NOTES. I received this email from Gary Thayer , a retired Australian police officer who previously communicated to the Bohol News Today after reading one of my columns. He is now living in Bohol and is married to Cathy of Dauis. He has only been here in Bohol for less than a year but he was already exposed to the other dark side of the Philippines. Read his email to me of last week:

“Just had friends over here and they returned to Australia via Cebu. At Cebu Pier they approached a Policeman and asked him where they could hire a van because there were 4 of them who were travelling and a lot of luggage. The Policeman called over a man who had a van. Not a taxi and the man had lots of jewellery on. They asked him how much and he quoted 700 peso. He drove them to the airport and my friend handed a 1000 peso. The driver said he only had a 500 note and asked if my friend had 200 so he could give him a 500 peso. My friend obliged. When my friend went to use the 500 peso he was informed it was a forgery. If the Philippines and Tourism want to build a strong Tourist supply and put money into the pockets of their people then they must stamp out this robbery of honest hard working people. It would not be hard to set up an undercover scam to catch these thieves.”

I asked Gary if his friends could remember the name of the policeman but he said they could not remember but they were sure he was apoliceman. He said there was no need to press charges. His friends just wanted people to know what is happening in the tourism industry of the country.

Tsk tsktsk! This must be the new face of tanim-bala.


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