Solid waste mishandling, ‘flies plague,’ revealed

ANDA, Bohol – Residents of this tourist town have exposed what they called solid waste mismanagement that resulted to flies plague.

Perfecto Casil, 60, a resident Sta. Cruz yesterday told Bohol News Today that indeed they’ve experienced having meals with a swarm of flies.

His wife, Francisca Casil, 50, said “perteng kaayo langaw.”

Perfecto Casil said his family is blessed with 11 children and 10 grandchildren.

Later on, they once tried to use mosquito net to have their meals apparently to avoid flies from infesting their food, she said.

She said it was also timely that the owner (Salado family) caused the fencing his lot where the road traversed that probably prompted the municipal government to cover the dump site at Material Recovery Facility with coconut leaves.

Their house is situated beside the MRF put up by former Mayor Angelina Simacio. During the time there were no flies disturbing them and the neighboring residences and no foul odor.

The flies rash started when the present administration of Mayor Metudio Amper began to dump garbage even if they appeared not segregated at source, he said.

In a separate interview, barangay chairperson Madeline Masucat confirmed Casil’s and neighbor’s experience.

She said that the barangay council passed a Resolution requesting the office of the mayor to stop dumping of solid wastes that were not in the form residues in their place. But their plea was ignored, she added.

The dumping only halted recently following the fencing of the lot, where the road leading to the MRF is located, by the owners — the family of Salado, Masucat and Casil said

BNT tried to contact Nestor Olalo, the MRF in-charge, but he was not around during the visit. He could be at the municipal hall to collect his salary since it was 15th of April, Casil said.

They said that after the lot owners closed the road, the municipal government halted the dumping. And the MRF, which apparently turned into an open dump site, was then covered by coconut leaves. Only then that flies were gone, Casil said.

Another incident that Sta. Cruz folk have apparently monitored during the visit of the BNT was the newly-dumped solid wastes. The barangay chairperson guided BNT to the newly-dumped garbage between the border of barangay Sta. Cruz and Suba.

Burning of the wastes — cans, and plastics and other materials — was in progress near the said place that practically became a burnt scrapyard and vegetation near the fishpond destroyed.

Another newly-dumped garbage was seen in barangay Tawid, a resident, who refused to be named, said.

A candidate for board member (name withheld), who visited the place, just said that it’s now alright since there were no more flies of foul odor, said a resident. (rvo)

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