So, this idiotic presidency got zero


We gathered reports yesterday indicating that public satisfaction with Pres. BS Aquino in Metro Manila plunged to a “neutral” zero rating.
This was featured in the first quarter this year, reportedly a new record low in the metropolis and a steep dive from the end of last year.
It projected from the “moderate” in the previous quarter, according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.
The survey also showed the President’s overall rating slid from “good” to “moderate.”
Among respondents in the nation’s capital, 43 percent were satisfied while 44 percent were dissatisfied with Mr. Aquino’s performance, resulting in a net satisfaction rating (satisfied minus dissatisfied) of a “neutral” zero in April, a downgrade from the previous quarter’s “moderate” +23 (55 percent satisfied minus 31 percent dissatisfied).
Overall, 57 percent were satisfied with the President’s performance while 30 percent were dissatisfied, for a net satisfaction rating of “moderate” +27 in the first quarter, down by 5 points from the “good” +32 (58 percent satisfied minus 26 percent dissatisfied) in December.
The SWS said the five-point dip in his rating was due to “declines of 23 points in Metro Manila, eight points in the Visayas, and one point in Mindanao, combined with a steady score in the Balance Luzon.”
But Pnoy’s drumbeaters insisted that President Aquino’s latest public satisfaction rating was “still high” even if it was the lowest since the first quarter last year.
“Overall rating (+27) was still high for a president who is completing the last semester of his term,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in reaction to the latest SWS survey.
Coloma said the President, who is stepping down on June 30, was “grateful for the people’s unstinting trust in his leadership.”
The President also suffered a double-digit decline among classes ABC, from a net rating of “good” +44 in December to “moderate” +17.
SWS considers a rating of plus 70 and above as “excellent”; plus 50 to plus 69, “very good”; plus 30 to plus 49, “good”; plus 10 to plus 29, “moderate”; plus 9 to minus 9, “neutral”; minus 10 to minus 29, “poor”; minus 30 to minus 49, “bad”; minus 50 to minus 69, “very bad”; minus 70 and below, “execrable.”
The survey, conducted from March 30 to April 2, interviewed 1,500 respondents nationwide and had a margin error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points. It was first published in Business World last Monday.
The latest overall net satisfaction rating was the lowest since the +11 in March last year following the Jan. 25 clash between Philippine National Police Special Action Force (SAF) commandos and Moro rebels in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.
By locale, net scores decreased in urban areas by 6 points, from “moderate” +19 in December to “moderate” +13 in April. It was the same in rural areas at “good” +37.
The President’s net rating was also down among class E, from +45 to +36, although both scores were still considered “good.” Among class D, his net rating was considered “moderate” but dropped from +28 to +25.
Among males, it dipped from a “good” +30 to a “moderate” +22, while among females it stayed “good” but fell by 2 points from +33 to +31.
Asked to comment on the President’s neutral zero rating in Metro Manila, Coloma first noted that Pnoy “always governed on the basis of what is good for the country.”
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