Shooting sparks political issues

BILAR.- The recent shooting of the house of a mayoralty bet here early this week has triggered political speculations to the extent of bringing the name of Mayor Norman Palacio.
But the town mayor immediately dismissed speculations of his involvement in the shooting incident last Tuesday evening.wherein Elmer Namocat was the object of the shooting incident,.
Initial investigation disclosed that the front window of the house of certain Ramoncita “Monching” Cabusao who is also the vice-mayoralty bet of the town who is the live-in partner of Namocat under the United Nationalist alliance (UNA) Party.
The window was shot by unidentified person which resulted to the damage of front window. The bullet hit on the iron grill and eventually hit on the window glass pane. Recovered from the crime scene was the fragment of undetermined caliber of fired bullet.
Until yesterday, the local police station is still conducting further investigation as to the motive of said incident and for possible identification of the suspects/perpetrator.

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