By: Ben Emata

Television news today revealed that Sen. Bongbong Marcos is leading in the race for the vice presidency. If he wins, in a few years, the Marcoses will be back in Malacanang. Then happy days for them.

A Kagay-anon friend from New Jersey called me today and said he is for Mar Roxas for president and Leni Robredo for vice president. He said the Roxas-Robredo tandem speaks of honesty, integrity and decency. This is my choice too and of majority of Filipino Americans.

Warring politicians from other regions should not come to Cagayan de Oro to stage a confrontation. They can exchange bullets in their places until they run out of ammunitions and lives. Political rivalry in Marawi City should not be carried in our city. Ours is a city of golden friendship and not a killing field.

In the Philippines, we call people from Taiwan as Chinese or “insik”. Chinese are people from communist China and Taiwanis are from Taiwan.

Geography should be taught in school with diligence and sincerity, I was laughing when I heard a reporter describing Bukidnon province as part of Davao.

Hunger is hitting hard the farmers because of prolonged drought. I wish to say that these farmers are our true modern heroes and they should be supported through and through.

There are only two seasons in the Philippines, namely: dry and rainy. We should be prepared to meet the effects/tragedies during these period.

We should not rely so much of our government because many of our leaders are corrupt. They attend to their needs first before doing nothing for the people. “Ask not what they government can do for you but what you can do for the people” a famous American once said.

I do not care so much about vote-buying in the county. This is already a part of life. Just vote for the right candidates. Never vote for thieves, corrupt and mentally-deranged people because they almost always become crocodiles when they are in power.

Grace Poe is young and needs lectures on how to run the government. Rodrigo Duterte is alright but he curses people when he gets angry. Jejomar Binay, according to his opponents, is a thief. Mar Roxas is very qualified, clean and honest. Miriam Defensor Santiago looks sickly and could hardly campaign. Follow the dictates of your mind and heart.

There is no substitute for education. Vote for people who are highly educated. What are our colleges and universities for if we don’t elect people who have college degrees to speak of. In many countries, uneducated people have no place in the government to lead. They are disasters if not diseases.

I urge people not to be very serious about politics. The matter breeds dirty Filipinos, corrupt and useless. Work hard to sustain life in the family and send your children to school. Our kids are our only treasure in life. They give us honor and pride.

BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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