Millions of pesos of drug money being remitted from Bohol


So many were shocked at the report of the Bureau of National Investigation (NBI) that illegal drugs have penetrated the schools and victimized school children and teachers. There is reason to be shocked. When drugs can be peddled inside schools to children who can barely red and write, what can we expect the future Boholano society to be?

Earlier, the NBI hinted that at the rate Bohol is being “drugged,” the only way to go is become a province that is governed by narco-politics. Where have we gone wrong? Why has this problem worsened to such level of affectation?

The Police and the other law enforcers are raiding every known drug den and personality in the trade but there seems to be no end to the activity. The only reason could be that only the small twigs and branches of the big tree are being cut. The trunk and the roots have remained strong and undisturbed.

What appals us is that even while those apprehended are stacked in prison ( I was about to use the word “languishing” to describe their presence in jail) but they are never languishing really. If they are how does one account for the fact that supplies of shabu continue to reach them and that their trade outside continues to flourish?

If the illegal trade is not flourishing, how do you explain the millions of remittance being sent to the lords of all lords at the nation’s capital?

I have come across proofs that millions of pesos representing the proceeds of illegal drugs operation in Bohol are being transmitted every week and every month to the big lords in the national capital particularly “Munti.” These millions worth of money are transmitted using the commercial banks and money remittance centers in Tagbilaran City.

In one commercial bank alone, for three months operation one single person was able to transmit and remit P3,297,440.00. To be exact, P200,000 was remitted in November 2015; P1,145,500 in February 2016; and P1, 951,940.00 in March 2016.

In one money remittance center, P520,630.00 was sent in February 2016 and P150,915.00 in March 2016 for a total of P679,545.00 in two months. In another money remittance center, P33,000.00 was remitted in March 2016.

Anyone who says this is a small pittance should be hanged on top of a kamunggay tree. This is only from one person and there are many others as there are number of groups operating the deadly trade in Bohol.

It is time everybody lends a hand in solving this menace in society. There may a bank secrecy law but everybody has a civic duty to help stop criminality and that includes the banks and the people running and managing the banks. Discretely they can report consistent and regular transmittal of money in large amount by one person to the same person. This way the police and the NBI can check if these persons are operating legitimate businesses or earning big incomes to be able to send and receive such amount regularly.

I commend the present police force under PS/Supt. Dennis Palo Agustin for their no-nonsense efforts to apprehend and catch the pushers of this illegal drug trade. Officers like PSupt Nicomedes Olaivar, head of the Provincial Public Safety Company, PSupt. Jeffrey Caballes, head of the Provincial Intelligence Branch, and PSupt. George Acol Vale, Chief of Police of Tagbilaran are setting the examples of what a law enforcer should be. By their own examples, they are slowly returning the trust and confidence of the people in their police force. May their tribe increase in the overall organization of the PNP.

The latest arrest of Lemuel Guadez, John Joshua Agta, Adriano Castulo and Ma. Eden Salinas for violation of R.A. 9185 or the Dangerous Drugs Law is a shining example of what good sleuthing can result to.


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