If elected, Jade Bautista assures GAD allocation

TAGBILARAN CITY – Lady provincial board member aspirant Jade Acapulco-Bautista said she’s batting for appropriate budget for gender and development (GAD) in the province.

And this she would push for once elected as provincial board member representing 3rd ditrcit of Bohol, she said.

The provincial government or municipal government has been mandated by law to set aside at least five percent (5) of its total annual budget for GAD, Bautista said.

Bautista, an advocate of women and children’s rights, also spelled out the role of women in fast changing society. She said that gone are the days that women are only up to being a housewife.

She said that GAD budget play an mportant role in women’s development so that they could be productive in nation-building.

She opined that GAD allocation is important since no program or activity relative to women of GAD concerns can succeed without fund. (PR)

On the same vein, Bautista said that her advocacy in women’s welfare also meane to empower them. She took notice that with the involvement of the women in local governance and play vital role in natio

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