Farmer hacked for several times

PILAR.- One Marcelo Doyugan y Tusay, 46 years old, married, farmer and resident of above stated place was hacked several times by one Bryan Bactasa, 30 years old, married, elementary graduate and resident of Brgy Rizal here with the use of long-bladed bolo last Monday dawn.
Suspect was successfully arrested by the responding PNP personnel and was informed on his constitutional rights and the nature of his arrest and subsequently same was brought to Pilar police station for custody. The weapon was turned-over by the suspect during the time of arrest and measuring 20.5 inches long from tip to handle.
Initial investigation conducted disclosed at about 11:00 o’clock in the evening last Sunday, the victim together with one companion appeared in the house of suspect and was already drunk and because suspect had slaughtered a dog he offered it to them for eating. In the middle of conversation, the suspect confronted victim on the issue he heard that the victim has a plan to kill him that resulted into a fistic fight, but they were pacified and victim was brought by his companion to leave the area to avoid further trouble.
A witness immediately reported to the chief tanod of said barangay. Victim sustained multiple hack wound causing his instantaneous death.

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