By: Ben Emata

The South China Sea is becoming fast the center stage of a big dispute. Claiming ownerships thereof are the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea. The area is reportedly rich in oil and other important minerals. To the kingdom of the dogs, it is worth fighting for but for humans, the avenue for a friendly settlement is wide open.

China which is superior in military strength as well as modern weapons was quick to occupy some areas and constructed airstrips and structures to justify its alleged sovereignty. To think about it, China is about a thousand nautical miles from the disputed area while the Philippines is about two hundred miles only facing Palawan.

And because the area is the major passage of shipping which might be distorted if China lords it out, the United Stats of America was truly alarmed thus it sent some patrol vessels to maintain peace and freedom of navigation. The mission of America is for peace for all and nothing more.

This matter, however, irked China and for some moments followed the vessels of America and provoked them to a fight which the latter just ignored. China warned America to be careful in the disputed seas just short of saying “get out” because the place belongs to it.

Another significant thing is a lot of Filipino fishermen in their light sailboats make a living in the area because of its proximity to our country and they were driven away by the Chinese Coast Guards. It was reported that the Chinese fired hot water cannons to the poor fishermen. This is not only weird but definitely bullying via show of big muscles.

The issue is not so much of who owns the area being claimed by many countries because there is the United Nations which could decide on the conflict. The problem is China would not honor any decision by the UN. For a fact the UN is not like a court of law that could effectively pursue its judgment through its writ of execution. Here it is more of friendship or cordial relationship among nations.

For the moment tension is intensifying in the area of dispute and certainly the United States and China are the principal characters. The beauty is China is lonely in its bullying adventure as it faces numerous enemies that included our country.

I am praying that none of the probable combatants would fire the first volley of gunfire or we shall be facing the beginning of an end.
Some of the countries involved possess nuclear weapons and other deadly and modern fighting machines that make it more dangerous.

I am not saying World War Three is just behind the corner but I guess a divine intervention is necessary to change the landscape of war. I urge, therefore, everyone to pray for world peace and let camaraderie among nations rule around the globe. War is always destructive and never an alternative for misunderstanding. No one comes out victorious. Everyone is injured. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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