Crab mentality in elections surveys


If there is one reason why Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte does not want to be leading the poll surveys in Manila, it is the corresponding attacks from all fronts in the metropolis.
Although in one way of the other, Duterte has mastered the art of making himself afloat in the media through his own trash talks.
Immediately after the release of the latest poll survey showing Duterte leading the presidential aspirants, he already know that the barrage of bad media releases is forthcoming.
Starting from his rape joke, themedia immediately misquoted him to get the possible reactions of women who is expectedly in a nose dive against the rape issue.
It generated reactions from the women’s group who filed a complaint with the commission on Human rights (CHR) which also rode on the issue.
Then came the remarks of the US and Canadian ambassadors against the Duterte rape joke.
The Philippine Daily Inquirer immediately run a series which saw print in 1989 regarding the rape of a Canadian missionary inside the Davao City jail.
Then came a rehash issue over the reasons why the court granted the annulment case of Duterte against his former wife.
Any learned legal practitioner knows that the reasons cited by the court in granting the petition for annulment case are the usual bases cited by a psychiatrist hired by the parties.
Thus the attacks keep on coming against Duterte, who according to the recent reports, has even pulled away in his ratings with the poll surveys.
That is why ar Roxas, the man who will not be president, keeps on riding the issues against Duterte, hoping against hope, that his ratings will also increase.
Well, that is a hopeless case by adopting the crab mentality of the Filipinos in order to pull down the one who is about to jump to political victory.
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