Change is coming this Sunday


No, this has nothing to do with the campaign line of the Duterte-Cayetano (DUCAY) Team.
After the closing issue of the Bohol Standard last month, change is coming this Sunday with the publication of a new weekly newspaper. This time, it is being registered in our name.
We have been contented in editing and publishing the Bohol Standard for the last eight months. Then came the twist that prompted Johnny Orioque, BNT’s publisher-editor to stop printing the paper.
Then he told us to have our own weekly newspaper being registered in our own name. This gave us a tick in our head.
So after processing the registration of the new newspaper as the local and the national campaign period is at its peak, we now bring you the Bohol Sunday News.
Our friends told us that the name of the newest newspaper in town is passive and they suggested names to make it active.
With all modesty, we courteously declined the suggestion and stick with the name Bohol Sunday News simply because we wanted to be in a low profile. However, we wanted to present to the readers as an independent Boholano newspaper.
By being independent, we wanted to report facts as it happens sans any slanted or highly-opinionated news articles, press releases and commentaries. If this mean that we have to go back to Journalism 101, so be it.
Some wags claim that we tried to duplicate the defunct Bohol Sunday Post. Well, if the name Bohol Sunday News rings a bell to your ears then let it ring as it is.
But we would like to make it clear that the new Bohol Sunday News is still a sister publication of the Bohol Balita Daily News (BBDN) and the Bohol News Today, the first daily newspaper in the province.
Some readers gave local newspapers a classification, whether pro or admin. The Bohol Sunday News would like to add to the classification.
At any rate, the Bohol Sunday News stands by the freedom of the press and the right to air grievances and seek redress in the government as part and parcel of a democratic space.
There is no need for fanfares to welcome the Bohol Sunday News. It just wanted to come in naturally, sans any high profile promotion.

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