Blood is written in Aquino’s hands

We have to give way into this article written by Maribojoc Mayor Leoncio “Toloy” Evasco Jr. on the bloody dispersal in Kidapawan City yesterday. Here it goes”
“First there was the Mendiola massacre, then Hacienda Luisita, then the Mamasapano and now the Kidapawan carnage.…
Blood – blood of enraged and hungered people – are soaked in the hands of the landlord class personified by the Aquino-Cojuangco clique of the ruling elite.
All these barbaric attacks and needless sacrifices would not have happened if the government and the people running it have responded to the clamor for change when 30 years ago the Filipino people put an end to a dictatorship.
It all the more becomes more tragic and despicable that the same bloodline that benefited from the ESDA 1986 revolt have soiled their hands with the blood and tears of the Filipino people that allowed them into power.
President Benigno Aquino III cannot escape blame and responsibility to the bloody assault against the hungry farmers demanding for food after a prolonged dry spell.
A hungry people demanding food do not deserve to be shot.
We call on the Aquino government to immediately order all those involved in the shooting to be disarmed, investigated and dealt with the full might and extent of the law.
Now is the time for the Commission on Human Rights to condemn this barbaric act.
An unarmed, defenseless throng of people asking for food poses no danger. In fact they are in danger.
Why, oh why should government resort to this state violence?
What is happening to our country?
Why meet with state violence the clamor for change – a change of the way things and the affairs of the state is run by the government.
We cannot blame the people to be angry with their government.
This government has been impervious to the suffering of the people.
Those who are responsible – and the blame should reach all the way to the top – must be made to pay for the blood spilled in this country and the innocent lives lost.
There will be time for reckoning.”
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