Bets dig deeper into alleged treasure hunt

SIKATUNA, Bohol – Was there really treasure hunt taking place in this town?

This is what former mayor Constancio Rule and former kagawad Ruben Ungab are trying to dig deeper into the reported treasure hunt within the vicinity of the municipal compound where its town hall is situated.

Both (Rule and Ungab) are gunning for municipal councilor as independents on May 9, 2016. But they openly pitched support for the candidacy of reelectionist Gov. Edgar Chatto and PDP-Laban standard bearer Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Rule and Ungab said that the digging for a reported Japanese treasure buried beneath the ground nearby town hall appeared to be unnoticed even with the presence of some authorities.

They were told, based on the information they initially got, that the said digging is for the construction of a septic tank.

The municipal engineer, who was an appointee of Rule when he was the mayor here, could not certify whether there was a plan for the septic vault construction.

Bohol News Today tried to contact the engineer and municipal Mayor Jose Ellorimo for their comments but to no avail.

But later on they suspected that the digging appeared to be dubious because of the manner the digging was done even during the night time by unidentified alleged diggers is far different from excavation for a septic tank.

Rule and Ungab opined that this should be look into by the government agencies concerned. Rule said that if indeed there was gold find in the said excavation within the municipal property it should be supoosedly done in accordance with law and not by dubious personalities.

Rule said that based on account of older Sikatuna residents that there was garrisons erected and used by Japanese forces situated at a mound at the back of the old municipal building.

He said that there used to be a big acacia tree near the dug hole in an area that is considered watery even a shallow digging. (rvo)

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