The miracle of Duterte’s candidacy



They would listen to the promptings of their own minds. The official surveys (owned by the Aquinos have lost their power). They will make their own surveys.
Here’s one: “The results of surveys of 34 colleges around the country have been sent to this column… They cover 256,000 students.
1. Rodrigo Duterte and Miriam Santiago garnered 87.6 percent of student votes.
2. For every vote for Miriam, Duterte got 2.5 votes.
There are an estimated 2.5 million college students. Include their family members and you can multiply that by a factor of at least three. That translates to 7.5 million voters.
Among students, Miriam Santiago comes second. Neither Poe nor Binay nor Roxas appeal much to students. They rank consistently at the bottom of college surveys.”
And we had once thought the young were no longer interested in politics and assemblies.
“I do not believe between now and May there will be a significant change in voters’ preference,” said BayanKo adviser Jose Alejandrino. “For me, the election of Duterte as President is certain.”
“Forty percent of Filipinos believe there will be cheating… But as I told Dutertistas, let them cheat. Failed elections can lead to a revolutionary government which is what the country needs to clean the rot and the mess.”
Here are the results of the latest university survey conducted by the owners of Arellano University’s 13,000 students: Duterte 48 percent, 
Santiago 23 percent,
 Poe 12 percent, 
Binay 6 percent, Roxas 5 percent.
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POSTSCRIPT. Today we mark the natal day of our daughter, Ma. Christilee Bantugan Estonia a.k.a Totee. Her birthday falls on the natal day of our late sister-in-law, Ma. Victoria known as “Evick” to friends and family circle, the only sister of Merly. By the way, we were featured last night in ABS CBN TV Patrol in our interview with Tom Araullo. For comments, suggestions and non-violent reactions, just email to [email protected]

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